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In society, men are more commonly known as the sexual predators. There are less common cases where women can be portrayed as predators as well. Women are more indirect than men, they tend to use the passive aggressive approach. Gerard Van Der Leun has a point of view that states that women present themselves in a way that is almost demeaning way through the internet in his article “This is a Naked Lady.” Van Der Leun shows how he is against internet porn by using literary devices.

Van Der Leun uses sarcasm and humor to almost differ away from directly saying what he means. For example he says, “… dialing 1­900 and seven other digits can put you in intimate contact with pre­ op transsexuals in wet suits who will talk to you as long as the credit limit on your MasterCard stays in the black” (Van Der Leun 477). Humor is used here by saying all these “men” call expecting to talk to some young, hot girl, but in reality, they could be speaking to another guy. It is showing how people’s fantasies are not always what they seem and how erotica has gotten so out of hand that people do not care as long as their fantasy is fulfilled.

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