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Hi! My name is Patricia. Everyday I usually wake up at seven o’clock but I just get up ten minutes later. Then I go to the bathroom to have a shower. After having the shower, I go downstairs and have my breakfast. At eight o’clock I go to school by car. My classes start at a quarter past eight. During the breaks, in the playground, I talk with my friends. They are very cool and important to me, too. My classes finish at four o’clock. I usually go back home on foot with Yaros, Bernardo, Pedro and Sofia. I have lunch at half past five but before that I do my homework. I hate having homework to do!… Later I play computer games or video games on my playstation. At eight o ‘clock I have dinner with my family. After dinner I watch my favourite programmes on TV and at ten o’clock I go to bed.

Patricia Conceição, 7º B

Hello! My name is João. I have got a small family but we live in a big house in Évora. I live with my parents and my sister and every member of the family has a role in the family activities. My mother wakes everybody up in the morning. She tidies up the house, too. She also goes shopping at the supermarket and in her free time she enjoys listening to music or reading books. My father always helps my mother cooking our meals. He always does the washing up and plays computer games with me. My sister usually helps me with the homework, tidies up her bedroom and lays the table for dinner. And me, well I’m the youngest in the family! I always make my bed, tidy up my bedroom and wash my father’s car at the weekend. I also help my mother when she goes shopping at the supermarket.

João Umbelino, 7ºB

Hi! My name is Sofia, I’m twelve years old and I live in Évora with my family. In the morning I often get up at a quarter past seven. I have a shower, brush my teeth, get dressed and comb my hair. I usually have breakfast with my family and then I go to school by car. My lessons begin at a quarter past eight and at a quarter past one I often have lunch at the school canteen. Then I play with my friends and at half past two I go back to my classes. At four o’clock my school day finishes. I go back home by car. When I arrive home, I do my homework, study, have tea and at six o’clock I attend an institute. At a quarter to seven I go back home by car. I spend some time surfing on the internet. Then I lay the table and have dinner with my family. After dinner I put on my pyjamas, brush my teeth, read and I go to bed at half past ten.

Sofia Barros, 7ºB

Hi! My name is Vanessa and I’m going to tell all about my daily routine. Everyday I wake up with my alarm clock at seven o’clock. I get dressed, wash my face and brush my teeth. Then I take my breakfast and leave the house to go to school. But first I go to my cousin’s and we go to school together on foot.

At a quarter past eight my first class starts. I try to pay attention to what the teacher explains but it’s a little difficult because my colleagues are noisy…I have more classes until a quarter past two. It’s always the same: study and play, during the breaks. Then I have lunch at the school canteen but first I have to wait in the queue for lunch… After lunch I play and at half past two I go back to classes.

At four o’clock I go back home with my cousin and my friends from the neighbourhood. It’s always very funny because we go together on foot. At home, I have tea, study a little and watch my favourite programmes on TV.

I have dinner at eight o’clock. After dinner I usually help my mother tidying up the kitchen. Later I watch TV and at half past ten I go to my bedroom and sleep well all night.

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