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Introduction of TOPIC

This project involves interviewing three people, each from a different age group:

Early Childhood (age 4-6)
Middle and Late Childhood (age 7-12)
Adolescence (age 13-19)
Early Adulthood (age 20-39)
Middle Adulthood (age 40-64)
Late Adulthood (age 64 and older)

As a result of your interviews, you should be able to compare how subjects were similar or different in their levels of biological development, cognitive development, and/or social development. The back of this sheet has some suggested interview questions to ask. You do not have to ask all of these questions. Just pick a few that interest you and ask each subject the same questions.

You will give a five-minute presentation to the class telling about your interviews. Your presentation should include the following:

1. Who did you interview? (no names, just describe them) 2. How did you interview them? (in person, over the phone, what location) 3. What did you find out? (how were the age groups similar/dissimilar, give examples of how they responded to your questions) 4. What two or three important things did you learn doing this project?

You will be required to turn in a two-page paper (typed, double spaced, 12-point font) that discusses whether you believe each of your subjects are in Erik Erikson’s appropriate life stage. For example, if you interview an adolescent, what responses were given to show that he/she is in the “identity vs. role confusion” stage? Conclude the paper with a sentence or two about what you learned from doing this activity.

This project is worth 100 points. You will be gr

aded on the following: Presentation: Presentation given on

scheduled date10 points
Answered question 1 above10 points
Answered question 2 above10 points
Answered question 3 above10 points
Answered question 4 above10 points

Turned in two-page, typed, stapled, paper at the conclusion of your presentation10 pts. Indicated if 1st subject was in the appropriate stage (with example)10 pts. Indicated if 2ed subject was in the appropriate stage (with example)10 pts. Indicated if 3rd subject was in the appropriate stage (with example)10 pts. Concluded with what you learned from doing this project10 pts.

Total: 100 points
Interview Questions

You may choose from the questions below or make up your own questions. If you make your own, here are some suggestions:

1. Make questions clear.
2. Keep the vocabulary appropriate to the age and education of your subject.
3. Don’t ask embarrassing information.
4. Use open-ended questions.

What age did you move away from home?
What age did you get married?
What age did you consider yourself an adult?
How is education different now compared to the past?
What was your first job?
How has parenting changed over the years?
What is “family” to you?
What do you like or value?

If you could change the state of the world, what would you do? What is important in your life?
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
What is one of your greatest aspirations?
What characteristics do you want in a mate?
What is the most precious thing to you?
What is the ideal age to get married?
How do you feel about money…what do you think is “rich” or “wealthy.” What did you want to be when you grew up?
What age do you consider “old?”
What is the biggest difference between men and women?
What has been your biggest mistake?

Who are your friends…church friends, military buddies, school mates, etc.? How are your values different than your parents?
Who do you admire and why?
What has been the most important day in your life so far?
What is the biggest accomplishment you have had?
Who is your hero and why?
What is the scariest thing you have done?
What is the perfect job?

Is education important?
Is it more fun to be an adult or child?
What brings you happiness?
What are your weaknesses?
What would you like to erase from your past?
Name a historical event that has affected your life?
What do you fear?
Name three words that describe you.

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