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Throughout the bible God is revealed as a great many of characteristics Essay Sample

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Throughout the bible God is revealed as a great many of characteristics Essay Sample

One in particular that comes up in both the book of Exodus and Revelations is the God of History. While there is great deal of differences in the two perceptions of God, they are some similarities that protrude as well. Exodus is a history of God with man while the book of Revelations is more a history of God in man, and more essentially of God experienced by man. We start out by examining Exodus in the Old Testament, which portrays the God of history to be a commander and lawgiver.

Throughout Exodus God supports and aids his followers through their missions of life. Through his actions one can interpret it as God’s intention of creating a nurturing, fresh just world. God appears to Moses in the burning bush, motivating him to go to Egypt and free his people. When Moses tells God, “I can’t do it, send someone else” God does not accept this answer. He stands by Moses side and provides him with the help that he needs to answer his call to God. This includes the speaking endowment of his brother Aaron.

God remains by Moses side through out the entire battle with the cold-hearted pharaoh. God’s power in controlling the future is further expressed as he continually hardens the pharaoh’s heart after every argument that Moses accomplishes to verify that God has sent him. However, God stays with Moses the whole time, showing him that some tasks are more difficult and trying than others but he will always be there to help him through the rough periods. Perhaps the most evident display of God as the lawgiver is in the chapters filled with rules of how people should conduct themselves in every day life.

The most famous of these rules are the Ten Commandments, establishing rules for both relations with God and relations with one another and society. God is aiding the people, by providing them with an outline of how they should act in a just society. Exodus displays God as a powerful lawgiver, who can control history with the wave of a hand, yet is primarily focused on helping his people as they continue to prosper and flourish in his newly established just society.

On the contrary, the God of the book of revelation in the new testaments seems to create more of an insight of God performing in and through human beings. This is a book that is concerned with the events and activities of the day of wrath. The end is promised to bring much suffering and destruction and only the faithful shall be rewarded. The famous four horsemen that represent death, war, fathom, and pestilent were a foreshadowing of the horrors of war that is yet to be unleashed.

The theme of judgment is unfolded in a series of seven (seven seals, trumpets, visions, and golden bowls). In particular, the seven trumpets seem to reveal the message of destruction and demise before God begins to rule the “new heaven and world” as the seventh trumpet is sounded. Exodus and Revelations express exceptionally diverse views of God, while both depicting God as the “Lord of History”. They also both express the view that God should be loved above all others.

Shown in Revelations through the faithful being rewarded at the end of the world. Luke shows this through parables and Isaiah through the beatitudes and the Ten Commandments. Another common themes is creating a just society, where the oppressed may live in happiness. Whether this be in this world or another is left up to the personal interpretation of the authors. I would tend to agree more with the portrayal of God in the book of Exodus while looking through the historical point of view.

What would be the point of going through our lives everyday just waiting and expecting the end of the world? I feel that we need to live our lives the way God wants us to simply because we know that the future is still to be determined. People should live each day expecting another one, yet aware of the possibility of not having another day. I feel that this allows people to dream and have aspirations of the future, while holding onto that concept that they must remain “good” through their actions, for they are being judged.

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