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Time and Action (TNA) calender is one of the most important tools for managing a project. In garment manufacturing each order is not less than a project to a merchant. Because, from order receiving to order completion involve number of tasks of various duration and requirement of resources. Few tasks come one after another and others move at the same time. Like number of processes, lot of people are involved to accomplish an order. Secondly each order is unique in terms of process and time demand. So, a detailed plan with well defined responsibility is must for each orders to finish it before time or on time.

What is a Time and Action Calender?

Normally merchants prepare a plan in a spreadsheet listing down key processes in one column and planned date of action for each processes is noted in another. This planning sheet is called time and action calender. Once TNA calender is made, merchant can easily list down her daily ‘to do list’ for the day and start doing work one by one. According to TNA schedule processes are executed on daily basis to track whether an order is on track or getting delayed.

Now the question is “How to prepare a TNA calender in a given format for an order and How to maintain the same with less effort?”

How to prepare a Time and Action calender?

In this article I have explained two formats used for time and action planning – one is for detailed scheduling of orders with defined responsibility and another one is for quick follow up of the multiple orders. It is not that you have to use both the formats at the same time. It depends on individuals – you can use both or one out of two. The main purpose of preparing and maintaining a TNA calender in to improve performance in managing processes as per plan. If each stage of an order is controlled then most of time you can finish an order on time. I have briefly explained how to develop these TNA calender formats and maintain the same.

In first TNA calender format (Format 1) planning is made for single style with detailed tasks, schedules, job responsibility and remarks. Steps to be followed during making TNA calender are listed below.

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