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To Eat or Not to Eat Essay Sample

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To Eat or Not to Eat Essay Sample

Per both groups, consisting of individuals suffering from both anorexia and obesity, I want to start each session with the same opening. It will go something like this: “Hello group – My name is Heather Zearfoss and we will start today’s session with just a few quick key points on the effect of food on our lives. I am going to try and keep this as simple as possible so that everyone understands why exactly you are even hungry and why your body needs food. This will be important in understanding the role of it in your own life. First, let me start off by saying, everyone looks at food differently; however, many of you do not know why you may feel the way you do. Does anyone’s tummy ever rumble? It’s when you get very hungry and tummy starts making noises? That is actually your body’s way of telling you, EAT! Your poor tummy needs to be filled. There is a part in your brain that is sending signals to your belly to say, “FEED ME!” You want to eat throughout the day because as time goes on, your body is digesting the food and its constantly moving through the body.

There are also many other reasons that you eat or don’t eat. Some people have emotional ties to eating, which means they may to eat to feel better. They may eat because they are happy, sad, bored, for comfort, honestly, any emotion can trigger you to eat. Another reason some individuals may be affected when it comes to food is because of society. Society really plays a role in the way that an individual can feel about themselves. We look at actress and actors in movies, on tv, in magazines and that may play a role in how we perceive “we” should look. A young girl thinks she may need to be stick thin size 0 if she is ever going to be perceived as beautiful and that is simply not true – beauty has no size. The peer pressure to not eat may affect someone also. If no one at lunch is eating, one may question “should I not eat too” or “if I am not this size, I won’t be liked” which can greatly affect self esteem and the perception of food. Another thing that can really play a role in the way a person eats is simply by the way others do.

If you raised being told to “finish your plate”, you may feel that even though you are full, you need to have a clean plate. This can cause over eating which can eventually lead to being overweight. I want everyone here to feel comfortable so I will tell you that I experienced this first hand. I was raised by a grandmother that constantly would try and feed me all kinds of cookies, cakes, snacks – nothing every healthy. I actually hated candy because it was always shoved down my throat whereas when my friends came over, they would love it because there was always chocolate here. I have also found another problem, healthy food is expensive! Has anyone experienced that? I have found that things like fresh veggies and fruits, healthy chicken or meat, cost much more than a box of mac and cheese. Also, who sometimes doesn’t feel like cooking and just going out to eat? I know I do. Well the easily accessible convenient fast food chains are so readily available it makes cooking nonexistent. Many places are offering more healthy options but the problem is the places like McDonalds is the dollar menu. The cheaper the food, the unhealthier it may be, but with the way the economy is, sometimes you do not have the option to order a green salad and may just have to settle with the dollar double cheeseburger.

OK everyone – lets open up the floor for discussion:

Lindsey – you asked if both of your parents are obese, is that why you are, and my answer to that is actually, yes. I believe that you are product of your environment and your parents may not have the right information on what you should be eating and how to change their habits. Their lifestyle has affected you dramatically – unfortunately, they have given their bad habits to you and now it’s a vicious cycle. You need to learn the right habits of eating healthy, working out at a gym, joining a sports team, any kind of activity where you get your heart rate up, and hopefully your parents will follow in YOUR footsteps.

Robert- you asked “My girlfriend and I eat together all of the time, so we eat the same food and amounts of food, but she never gains weight like I do. Why is that? The answer to your question is based on what is called metabolism. Metabolism is the amount of calories burned in a typical day and can vary from individual to individual. Many factors can affect why it can change in each person including what they eat, how much they exercise, genetics and even your age.

Nancy asked: My mom says that I became anorexic because I¿ve been reading too many Cosmo magazines and want to look like those girls. Maybe I did, but I really just don’t carve food. Why is that? Honestly, Nancy, there could be a number of things going on. You may feel the need to look like these girls and maybe in the back of your mind, you do and its affecting you in more ways than you know. There could also be an issue with your body medically. You stomach have shrunk from not eating so eating very little may satisfy you. Are you drinking a lot of water? This may also be a reason you might feel full all the time. The food you are eating is healthy! What are you putting in your body? Also, maybe you are just so used to being hungry that you do not recognize it.

I am someone that eats little and completely cut out all carbs and sugar so my body no longer craves it. Tyra asked: I don¿t eat because every time I do, I just feel sick! Do you know why this is? Trya, there are so many reasons you could feel sick. First, of all, are you throwing up? Are you making yourself throw up because this could be a whole another issue. Now, if you are just getting a little nauseated due to eating it could be what you are eating. Are you eating healthy? Or junk? Are you cooking and preparing your food properly? There could also be issues like being lactose intolerant or being allergic to gluten. I would suggest talking to your doctor about doing an allergy test to see maybe if you have allergies to food. Any number of reasons could lead to why you are feeling the way you are – we just have to figure out if its psychological or physical.

I hope this was an informative discussion for everyone and if any other questions arise, please contact me. I am here for all of you, especially, you young girls. I was there once too, and understand what you may be going through.


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