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Today was not very pleasant. Me, Scout and Dill sneaked out to Boo Radleys tonight to annoy him again. We did not see him, but we did see something in the window when we looked inside. A shadow of a man. We ran like hell after seeing the mysterious figure, and a shotgun could be heard coming after us! We jumped over the fence, but my pants got caught in the barbed wire on the way out, so I ran off without them. We got home to find Atticus and the neighbours looking at us in disgrace. Dill stupidly tried to cover it all up by telling Atticus that we were playing strip poker and he won my trousers, but he got mad so I said we were playing with matches. I sneaked out later again and recovered my pants from Boo Radleys place, only to find them neatly folded and wrapped up on the fence! Who would do such a thing?

We now move on to Chapter 11, and see Jem in trouble with a very horrible woman, seemingly….

Dear Diary,
Today was so mad. Scout and I were walking home from school today and we saw old cantankerous Mrs Dubose standing outside her house.
Atticus is always saying to be nice to her, but today she just went too far. She said Atticus is no better than the niggers he works for. I went extremely mad and knocked down all her camellia bushes. Atticus saw me and is making me go to her house every day for the month and read for her! This is extremely unfair.

By this time, Jem has reached the age of twelve, and ​ he begins to demand that Scout “stop pestering him” and act more like a girl. Dear Diary,  Scout is becoming so annoying these days. The only pity I have for her is that she has become very upset because she was looking forward desperately to Dill’s arrival today, but he did not come. We received a letter saying that he has a new father, and he is going to stay with his new family in Meridian. To make matters worse, the state legislature, of which Atticus is a member, has been called into session, forcing Atticus to travel to the state capital every day for two weeks. In Chapter 15, Jem, Scout and Dill become involved in a very remorseful situation with Atticus…. Dear Diary,  Atticus took the car into town tonight. At about ten o’clock, Me, Scout and Dill, snook out of the house to follow him to the town center. From a distance, we saw Atticus sitting in front of the Maycomb jail, reading a newspaper. I suggested that we do not disturb Atticus and return home, but obviously they’re too immature to

listen and we have to say. Just then, four cars drove in and parked near the jail. A group of men got out of the car, and one of them demanded that Atticus move away from the jailhouse door. Atticus refused, and Scout suddenly started running out to Atticus! Dill and I followed her, and Atticus tells me to go home. I refuse, and one of the men says “You have fifteen seconds to get your children to leave”. After a while, Scout went into the crowd and 5 minutes later, the mob left! I don’t know what she did, but she did well! After talking to Mr Underwood, Atticus took the three of us home.

Atticus Finch, the father of Scout and Jem, is a highly respected AND responsible citizen of Maycomb County. An attorney by profession, he has always tried to instil good values and a sense of moral propriety in his children. Atticus’ relation with his children is unique. He lets them call him by his name. Though outwardly detached and always busy with his work, he does manage to find the time and patience to explain the intricacies of human nature to his children. When Scout comes home from school, upset at being reprimanded for already knowing how to read, Atticus teaches her to compromise with the situation. By continuing to take lessons from the teacher, and at the same time, reading with her father at home, both could be kept happy. Thus, Atticus teaches his daughter, in her impressionable years itself, the mature demeanor of how……. Jem ​ ­ ​

Jem has chosen Atticus as his role model, and he emulates him throughout the novel. However, at the same time he gets the opportunity to forming his individuality. Jem is a true brother to Scout, helping her out of scrapes, escorting her to school and back, guiding her at times and comforting her in general. When he is given  money to buy something for himself, he buys a gift for Scout too. When he finds out that Scout has…… Scout ​ ­ ​

Scout, because of her age, and being the youngest in the family, is impulsive by nature and extremely emotional too. She unthinkingly rushes into fights and scrapes, cries when her ego is hurt and is generally is rash in her actions. Scout is very warm and friendly. Even in the midst of the tension, when the mob gathers in Tom’s prison, she attempts at a friendly conversation with Mr. Cunningham. During the ladies’ meetings held……. Aunt Alexandra ​ ­ ​

Aunt Alexandra is Atticus’ sister, who used to stay at the ancestral Finch landing before she arrives at Atticus’ house to stay. She is very unlike Atticus in all respects, and the children do not take a liking to her in the beginning.

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