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To Specify Different Types Of Software For 3 Different Systems Essay Sample

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To Specify Different Types Of Software For 3 Different Systems Essay Sample

My task is to specify different types of software for 3 different systems.

Software comes on disks. You can’t physically touch software. Software fits into two main categories.

* Operating systems (o/s)

* Applications (apps)

The operating system is the first thing that is loaded when the computer is turned on. All programs have to talk to the o/s. All desktop computers need an operating system.

The main things that the system software does is:

* It manages the hardware and software resources of the computer system. These resources include things like CPU, memory,

* It provides a suitable consistence way of applications to deal with hardware without having to know the details of the hardware.

* To make it easier to run user programs

* To improve the performance of the computer system

* To provide assistance with program development

* To simplify the use of the computer system for users other than computer specialists.

Operating systems fit into four main categories:

Real time operating system – These systems are used to control machinery, scientific instruments and industrial systems. This type of system has very little user interface capabilities. A very importance part of an RTOS is managing the resources of a computer so particular operations carry out in exactly the same amount of every time it occurs. In a complex machine, having a part move more quickly just because it has more resources available may just be as tragic as having it not move at all because the system was busy.

Single user, Single Task – This operating system is designed to manage computers so that one user can effetely do one thing at a time. An example of this is an operating system for a palmtop.

Single user, Multi Tasking – This is the type of operating system most people use on there desktops and laptops. An example of this is windows 98. This o/s will let a single user have several programs running at the same time. E.g. a person can be using a word processor and downloading some music of the Internet.

Multi user -. Allows multiple users to utilize the computer and run programs at the same time. Windows NT is an example of this type of o/s.

There are two types of o/s

* GUI graphical user interface

* Command line interface

Graphical user interface

Windows is a GUI. These programs are fairly easy to use because you don’t have to lean the commands. They are user friendly. GUI generally characterised by the use of windows, icons, drop down menus, and a pointing device like as a mouse. The first company the created GUI was Xerox. The firs project that would have been the first commercial GUI was Lisa but the project had to be cancel because it was too expensive to make the program. The Mac was the product

Command line interface CLI

Dos is a CLI. In these types of operating systems the user has to memorise the language. You have to type in the command with the keyboard. This was a difficult o/s to use because not every one knows the commands and the language.

Windows is a GUI operating system. The biggest software company in the world, Microsoft, makes windows. There are many types of operating system that are used for different tasks. An example is Windows NT is used for networking computer together, and Windows 95 is used for computers that are not networked.

Windows is used on most computers systems. Windows is very easy to install and it is very user friendly this is why windows is very popular. The good thing about windows is that it has virtual memory; this is when some of you storage space in your hard disk drive is used to store temporary information. Most applications are made for windows because it is used on most machines. Windows also support all sorts of hardware.

Application software is software that uses an operating system to work. Application software and the operating system both communicate with each other. This type of software is made for a specific use. Word processing, database programs and communication programs are all example of application software.

Word processing application is a program that enables you to type. You can type letters, memos and a lot of other things.

All word processing applications can do the following:

* Insert text: Allows you to insert text anywhere in the document

* Delete text: Allows you to erase characters, words, lines, or pages as easily as you can cross them out on paper.

* Cut and past Allows you to remove (cut) a section of text from one place in a document and insert (past) it somewhere else

* Copy: Allows you to duplicate a section of text.

* Page size and margins: Allows you to define various page sizes and margins, and the word processor will automatically readjust the text so that it fits.

Typing software

This is a software package that helps the user type faster without making any errors.

Faxing software

This software is used over the Internet it is a good way of saving money as you don’t need a fax machine.

Copying software

You need copying software if you have a CDR writer you need it to copy data. You have to be careful when you purchase CDR software because some software is not compatible with the drive. Different software has different facilities. Some software is very hard to use and some is very easy to use. Some software is not very good as it may cause conflicts with other software on the system and this could cause the system to crash whilst data is being copied.

Antivirus checker

This is a program that stops viruses. They can be set so when you start the pc it does a scan of the surface to see if they’re any viruses. Virus scanners have to be updated off the Internet regular this is because new viruses come out every day and you system need the cues to kill new viruses. Viruses are small programs that delete, hide rename file or they can wipe everything off the computer.


This is a program use to stop hackers getting into your computer. If hackers get in they can steal valuable data. It protects you IP address which is valuable if they get hold of this they can do anything thy want to your system.

Operating systems


Windows 95


Windows 98


Windows 98 upgrade




Windows NT


Windows 2000 server


Word processing

Office 97


Office 2000 standard


Word 97


Word 2000


Typing software



Ultra key


Faxing software

Winfax pro




CDR software

Nero 5.0


East creator Deluxe



Norton’s system works


Cochrane’s Millenium Toolkit Pro



Norton’s firewall


Zone alarm pro


System 1

These are the component I choose for system 1

Duron 600Mhz


6.4 GB Hard Drive

Motherboard with built on sound and graphics

ATX Desktop

Memorex 2 button Mouse Ps/2

Win 95 keyboard

19 inch Belinea monitor

48 speed CD-ROM

Sony 3.5-inch floppy disk drive

HP 930c Colour inkjet printer

200w Active speakers

On this system I have decided to put Windows 98 second edition. My reason for this is because windows 98 have a good driver support. This is useful because most of the hardware I am using is new and Windows 95 will not know the components because it is old. Windows 95 could use plug and play for its components but this in not very good if you want to get the maximum performance out of your components e.g. like the graphics. Another reason I am using windows 98 is that it has better stability than Windows 95. The children will be very upset if the computer keeps on freezing up or crashing when they are using CD-ROMS or using a word processing package and it will waste a lot of time if you keep having to boot up the system because it keeps freezing up. The major reason for choosing windows 98 is that it has a FAT 32. This is because the hard drive I have specified is a 6.4Gb. If I had chosen Windows 95 it would not recognise how big the hard drive is because it is a FAT 16 meaning it can only support hard disk drives up to 2Gb.

FAT 32 can recognise up to 2 terabytes. If the school want to access the internet in the future then it would be even better to use windows 98 than windows 95 because windows 98 has the newer version of internet explorer and it has been proven that windows 98 has a faster internet connection. Which would mean it would be cheaper to use the net because the pages will load faster. Windows 98 also has more customized features available. This is good because you can change thing around to make the desktop to look interesting and the way you want. Windows 98 is a o/s that is designed to look like the web if you want, this is a good feature if you want the children to use the web because they can get use to the layout and buttons. The Internet has become very popular in the last few years so what Microsoft have done is created new thing called windows update.

This is very good because you can set it so when you access the net it will automatically check if there are updates to for the o/s i.e. things like drivers and software updates. Windows 98 has also got better multimedia functions. This is an advantage if the student wants to use interactive CD-ROMS. In windows 98 you can set it up so different users can log on to the pc. This is very useful because the administrator can set this option and limit what the students can do so that cant delete important files or rename or do anything that will mess up the system. The administrator can also create shortcuts to the desk top so the students wont need to look for thee program. The reason I did not decide to choose Linux is because Linux is much harder to use than windows.

And not all hardware is supported by it the other disadvantage between Linux is that if a problem occurs it is very difficult to sort it out. The good thing about Linux it that it is free. Linux also has auto- detect but when the o/s picks up the wrong device it very difficult to get it to configure the right one. But when the o/s picks up the wrong device it very difficult to get it to configure the right one. Another reason I have chosen windows is compared Linux windows is very easy to install. The major reason I did not choose to use Linux is because it does not support the printer. This would mean I would have to purchase a new printer if I choose to use Linux. The good thing about windows is

You don’t have to use a mouse because you can use the arrow keys. This is useful for disable children.

The system requirements

A pc with a 486DX 66 megahertz (MHz) or faster processor (Pentium central processing unit recommended

16 megabytes (MB) of memory (24 MB recommended),

A full installation of windows requires 255 MB, depending on your computer configuration and the options you choose

VGA or higher resolution.

For the word processing I have decided to use Microsoft word 97. This is a very good program and one you know what you are doing. It is also one of the most comment type of word processing packages used. Microsoft also makes this program and windows and word should not conflict with each other. Microsoft word has a spellchecker and a grammar checker; it is useful for the students because when they make a mistake they can correct it. It also comes with an auto correct facility.

This is also very use full because if they type “teh” it will correct it self in to “the”. In word you can also do undo up to 100 times. It also has a lot of facilities like create tables, insert pictures etc. These are the main reason for choosing Microsoft word 97. I also choose word because most pc has this program on and when you want to share a file with someone else it is possible but if I had another word processing package then this would not be possible. I decided I did not want to use word pro because it is slightly harder to use and if you wanted to lend your work out to some one who has got Microsoft word, Microsoft word will change format and not change it back to word pro format this could cause a lot of problems. Word pro has not got a spell checker as good as Microsoft word. Microsoft word will be a little bit difficult for the children but they will get use to it.

System requirements

Pc with a 486 or higher processor

Microsoft Windows 95/98 operating system or later, or Microsoft Windows NT

8 (megabytes) MB of memory

121 MB required for typical installation,

CD-ROM drive

VGA or higher-resolution video adapter

Microsoft Mouse, Microsoft IntelliMouse, or compatible pointing device

I have also decided to use Mavis beacon typing. I think this will help the student to find the keys on the keyboard and it will also help them to type faster. This is good tutorial program for beginners because it is very easy to use and understand. It’s a good application for young people because it has age appropriate lessons and contents. It also talks so the users can hear what they have to do so it is very useful for disable students. The other good thing is that it is not very expensive. This program has on screen guide hands this is useful because students will know where to place there hands. It teaches you to type in fun ways, they have done this by arcade-style games to guide learning. This is good because the students are learning to type and having fun at the same time. I did not decide to use any other because Mavis was reviewed the best typing software by Ann and Tech on the Internet. I have decided to put Mavis on the system because I think it will teach them to type faster and also help them with there spelling.

System requirements

Pentium 90 or faster Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0

16MB RAM (32MB RAM required for NT 4.0)

70MB for Compact Install 70MB for Standard Install

SVGA video card 1MB VRAM

Direct X compatible video card

2X CD-COM drive

system 1 price

72.85 windows 98

98.36 word 97

29.32 Mavis



System 2

These are the components I choose for system 2

AMD 600MHz


10.2 IDE ATA-66 7200rpm

Motherboard with built on graphics

ATX Midi tower case

USB Microsoft Inteli mouse

Cherry wins 98/ keyboards PS2

17 inch Ilyama 411 Pro

Sony Disk drive 3.5 inch

HP LaserJet 3100Laser printer

Hp 3400c flatbed scanner USB

Plextor CD-RW 12/10/32

56K V 90 Voice/fax modem Internal Modem

Again on this system I am going to use windows 98-second edition. My reason for this is I have selected a 10.2Gb hard disk drive and if had chosen Windows 95 it would not have recognise all the hard disk drive space because windows 95 only recognises FAT 16. The other main reason I have chosen to use windows 98 is because it supports USB. If I had chosen Windows 95 it would not have recognised the mouse because the o/s does not support USB. If I decided to use Windows 95 I would have to but a new mouse. I choose windows 98 because it has a good driver facility most of the components are new and Windows 95 does not support them. The user will use the Internet to send and receive faxes. Windows 98 is faster connecting to the Internet than Windows 95. It has more stability than Windows 95 this is good because the last thing the use want is the system to crash when he is doing importance work on the computer. Windows 98 also has windows updater this is good because he can set it so windows updates itself and he can get the latest patches for bugs which will also make the system run faster and more smoothly and it will have a less chance of crashing.

The system already has windows 3.11. The advantage of windows 98 is all you need to get is the update instead of the full program, which cost more. Windows 98 has password facilities this is useful for the user because he owns a small business he will have importance and confidential information on the system, if he passwords the o/s then it has less chance of the information being stolen or deleted because he the only one that can access it. On windows 98 the user can also customize windows to his needs. The reason I did not choose Linux is because again Linux does not support the printer if I used this Linux o/s I would have to get anew printer that would cost even more. I decided to use windows 98 because if I choose Linux and some of the pares are not compatible than the parts would have to be replaced. And even when the parts are changed there is no guarantee that the parts will still work. For these reasons I have decided to use windows.

The system requirements

A pc with a 486DX 66 megahertz (MHz) or faster processor (Pentium central processing unit recommended

16 megabytes (MB) of memory (24 MB recommended),

A full installation of windows requires 255 MB, depending on your computer configuration and the options you choose

VGA or higher resolution.

I have chosen to use office 97. In office you get word, excel, and access. The user has got word perfect and word can convert the word-perfect files in to Microsoft word format so I can be used on word. This is one of the reasons I chose to use office 97. In office you also get Microsoft excel this is a good program the user can use this program to see how much money has gone in and out of the business. And then he can calculate his profit. The user can use Microsoft Access to put in some detail of his suppliers or customers. I have decided to use this package because I think it would be very useful to the user. It is also easy one you know how to do things and it is user friendly. Office 97 is a very popular application and it is used by majority of pc owners.

The system requirements

Personal or multimedia computer with a 486 or higher processor.

On Windows 98, 8 MB of RAM required to run individual applications

12 MB required to run Microsoft Access). On Windows NT Workstation 16 MB required.

73-191 MB hard disk space required; approximately 121 MB required for typical

VGA or higher resolution video adapter (Super VGA, 256-color recommended)

I have decided to use Nero Burning ROM 5.0 as the Cdr copying software. Nero is a very good piece of software of copying. It is suitable for the user because it has an option to copy importance system files to CD this is very useful in case the system messes up and all the information is lost. Nero looks complicated to use but after you know the basic of it, becomes very easy to use. The advantage of Nero is that it has a wizard for copying CDs so if the user feels that the software is too hard to use the wizard which will set everything up for him and he has to select what he wants to copy.

In Nero the user can also set the amount of buffer they want to use, the more buffer you have the less chance you have of messing up the CDs. I choose Nero because it is recommended that the CDR writer I have chosen and it works very well with Nero. Nero has also been voted one of the best software copying programs. I did not choose easy creator this is because there are not many features on it but easy creator have made it very simple to use and it is user friendly. The good thin about Nero is you can make it do a simulation before it copies it onto the CD to make sure it is safe to copy on to. This saves money in the long run because it can become very expensive if the CDs keep messing up.

I have decide to use Winfax pro the main reason I choose this is because it is very easy to use. And it is very cheap. It is supported on many modems. You can Use this program to interface to WinFax Pro from Word. It has also go many templates that the user can choose from. This will save him time making one of his own. The main reason I did not choose efax is because it is expensive. The other reason is it is complicated to use and to get use to it. The advantages of Winfax are you can send a fax and receive one at the same time, as some programs won’t let you do this.

System 2 price

55.92 windows upgrade






System 3

These are the component I used

AMD T-Bird 900Mhz


30.6 IBM 7200rpm 2MB cache HDD

Asus P3C-E Motherboard

32Mb Creative Labs GE Force MX AGP

ATX Desktop Case

USB Microsoft Intelli-Mouse

Cherry Win98 Keyboard PS/2

17″ inch Iiyama 411 Pro Diamondtron Monitor

Memorex 52X CD-ROM Drive

3.5 inch Sony Floppy Drive

SoundBlaster PC128 Sound Card

HP LaserJet 3100 Printer & HP 930C Colour Inkjet Printer

Epson Perfection 1200 USB Scanner

Hands Free Microphone

10 MB PCI Network Card

Creative Webcam USB

The operating system I am going to use on this is windows 2000 server (also known as NT 5) this is because the systems are going to be linked together and they have to have sharing capabilities. Windows 2000 is a new version of Windows NT. I decided not to choose Windows NT 4 because it is a nightmare to install. If NT 4 cant find out what hardware you have then it wont recognise it and NT 4 does not have plug and play. Windows 2000 has plug and play.

Windows 2000 the workstation will be easier to




Windows 2000 also provides

Improving driver support

Increased support for new-generation hardware and multimedia technologies

Integration of the new Euro currency symbol.

When you install windows 2000 it can pick up the settings from the previous installed o/s (as long as it is windows). It is also very safe because the user can restrict files so they cannot be opened. The main advantage over windows 2000 and NT is that windows 2000 supports load of peripherals. Windows 2000 inter face is very similar to windows 98. The other reason I did not use Windows NT is it does not support USB. That is a big problem because the digital cameras that I selected are USB and they won’t work under windows NT 4. The main problem with Windows NT 4 is that it does not support much hardware and it is also very hard to install. Windows 2000 is also very stable. The advantage of networking Pc’s is that it is easy to share information and you can print out of one printer.

System requirements

Pentium II or higher

32mb of memory

500mb of space

I have decided to use Norton’s system works. This package includes Norton’s ant virus 2001,Norton’s utilities and Norton’s clean sweep. I have gone foe Norton’s because it is known for it virus checker. And it is one of the best, cheap and effective. The virus checker is very good because it checks incoming emails before they are even opened and it will let you know if there is a virus attached to the email. And it will pop up telling you there is a virus. It is also very easy to update the virus checker from the web page. You can set it to look up for new updates and download them. Scan disk is very good to maintain the Pc. It has a program called speed disk, which makes programs load and run faster. It also has clean sweep this is a good program if you want to get rid of a program safely. The software is also compatible with windows 2000

System requirements

* Intel(r) Pentium(r) 133 MHz or higher processor

* 64 MB of RAM

* 78 MB of available hard disk space (Typical)

* 78 MB of available hard disk space (Complete)

* CD-ROM drive

* Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or above required for One Button Checkups

For the firewall I am going to use Norton’s firewall 2001 this is because it is a very easy to use and again it is easy to get updated. It is a very secure and it monitor all the programs that are trying to access the internet and that are trying to get in. the software is also compatible with windows2000. I decided to use this because if I used another firewall it ay has conflicted with it causing it to crash.

System requirements

* 150 MHz Pentium(r) class or higher processor

* Windows(r) 2000 Professional, Windows NT(r) Workstation 4.0 (Service Pack 4 or higher), or Windows Millennium Edition

* 32 MB of RAM (48 MB recommended)

* 10 MB of available hard disk space

* Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 with Service Pack 1 or later

* Microsoft Windows Internet support

* CD ROM drive

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