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Tobacco Essays


Gutka - A Silent Killer

Gutka, a form of smokeless tobacco, is a cocktail of tobacco, nicotine, and carcinogens that contains many unhealthy additives such as magnesium carbonate and phenyl ethyl alcohol, along with harmful perfumery compounds including musk ketones and other injurious fragrance compounds

Harmful Effects of Chewing Gutkha

Gutkha can well be defined as a devil in disguise. Promoted as a mouth freshener, this betel nuts and tobacco preparation is designed to release a chemical reaction that makes it an addictive proposition. However, most consumers believe that the

Corporate Social Responsibility Within Phillip Morris

I will in this essay assess the efforts of the two chosen companies, Altria’s Phillip Morris USA and Phillip Morris International, in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Before tackling this, a brief explanation of CSR and its introduction in the companies

The Harmful Influence Of Tobacco

Foreword: This research paper is focused on the harmful influence of tobacco upon the young people lives.   Thesis: Childhood and the youth’s time is some kind of critical period in the life of every human being when the social-economic

Vanity Fair Magazine Coverage of Jeffrey Wigand Story

Introduction According to Mike Moore, former Attorney General of the State of Mississippi, Jeffrey Wigand is a courageous, intelligent and driven individual. Though, Wigand himself declines to be seen as a hero, “just ordinary people placed in extraordinary situations” he

Tobacco Control in Saudi Arabia

Introduction For over 50 years there has been smoking in Saudi Arabia even though the country neither grows tobacco nor manufacture cigarettes. The yearly consumption of cigarettes is 15 billion and a 40,000 tons inhalation of tobacco smoke. This costs

Sin Tax Bill

President Benigno Aquino 3rd on Thursday signed the sin tax bill into law. The new law is expected to raise an additional P33.96 billion during the first year of implementation. In his speech, the President said that the new law

Sin Tax Reform Act of 2012

Sin Tax is a tax levied on products or activities, which are considered sinful or harmful and considered as objects of social disapproval, such as liquor and tobacco. Sin tax or sometimes called sumptuary tax is meant to reduce the

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