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Toddlers are tricky, they’ve grown enough to have their own ideas and wants, but their bodies and emotions haven’t kept pace. I’ve navigated the toddler from crawling to walking to tantrums all the way to toilet training. The toddler that I’ve been observing is my nephew Benjamin he’s a year and a half, weighs about 26 pounds and has began to walk and talk. Benjamin still has very little trouble walking at this point. As I continue to watch him walking I notice he uses his little arm to help him balance himself, he starts off by holding himself on anything that is next to him to some what hold his balance, as soon as he feels ready he releases his hand and begins to slowly walk away. And that’s when his arms come into place to help him balance himself. At this point he is really fragile if you barley tap him he falls just because he’s so small and barely learning how to nephew is being taught how to use the toilet in =stead of pamper. What is hard for us to teach him is to pee in the toilet.

When he needs to go number 2 he tells us in our ear because he is embarrassed to say it out loud. Benjamin has an older brother (2 years apart) that is very jealous why? Because anything that the older brother has the little brother wants and if the little one (Benjamin) does not get what he wants he begins to throw a fit. When he throws a fit he begins to scream and throws a tantrum. He throws himself on the floor, kicks, and screams and hits any body or anything around him. Benjamin mostly likes to be by himself why? I have no idea but he is the most lovable little boy ever. He goes up to everybody and tells them that he loves them and gives them a big hug and a kiss. Benjamin does not like to fight with other kids. He loves to help other kids clean up their mess. As a matter of fact he loves to help his mom clean as he thinks he’s cleaning.

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