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“Beauty comes from within” is now a phrase laughed by many. In this modern society, looks are all that matters, beauty products and treatments are slowly interwoven into our lives, new treatments such as slimming programmes and feature-enhancement treatment, plastic surgery and much much more, appeal to the vain side of each person. Now, not only does women willingly splurge thousands of dollars on these everyday beauty products and treatments, men do too, just so that they can ‘look good’. Therefore, I agree with the statement that far too much attention is given to beauty products and treatments.

A reason as to why beauty products and treatments are so highly sought after, is because of the influence of mass media. Advertisers tend to use one with youth and vigour to advertise their products, then, the public would associate that very same product with one that will bring them great beauty too. For example, magazines, television advertisements, posters and billboards all have beautiful and flawless models and celebrities splashed across them, making the public, especially women, sigh in envy as jealousy struck them deep within, thus tending to succumb to this desire to be as beautiful as those on the advertisements.

Another possible reason, is because of the competition between the beauty products and treatment industries and companies. The wide variety of products and treatments are simply uncountable and this is only for one sole part of your body, how about the rest? Consumers are spoilt for choice and simply cannot decide which one they should purchase, and so, they buy many the same products, from different companies. Companies use several smart tactics to draw consumers to them. One example would be that well-known celebrities are being hired to endorse in the products and treatments, they are the faces one would commonly see and soon, want to look perfect or as good looking as the endorsers and scurry off to buy the very same product. Thus, more and more people are spending ridiculous amount of money just for it.

On the flip side of the coin, in modern society, the whole idea and image of beauty has changed. One is more likely to be judged appearance-wise and not his or her capabilities or intellectual standards. The idea of beauty now, is outer beauty, a good image or look will provide each person of them a wonderful opportunity to showcase their talent and abilities, whereas a bad image or look would hinder it, hence, many are willing to undergo the knife or use treatments and products numerous times because feel that they are now better looking, not self-conscious and exude confidence they never had before, thus able to prove more than what they are capable of. However, this should not be the case, looks and beauty does not equals to one’s intellect, a smart person does not necessarily have be beautiful or vice versa.

In conclusion, indeed, far too much attention has is given to beauty products and treatments, people have to stop thinking that looks matter more and waste money on products to enhance their features when they could put good use to that money, outer appearances does not matter that much, it is the inner beauty that is far more important.

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