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Top Management Essay Sample

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Top Management Essay Sample

More than half of all fatal road accidents in Metro Manila is caused by jaywalking, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority said last June 06, 2012. MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino said this is the reason why the agency has stepped up its anti-jaywalking campaign in the metropolis. He said most of these pedestrian-related accidents usually take place near markets, schools and residential areas with wide roads. The MMDA chief said authorized members of the agency, who are in red uniforms, are also directed to assist senior citizens and persons with disabilities to climb the overpass. “Medyo may kalayuan ang ating mga overpass pero iyon po siguro ang kailangan gawin. Iyon ang susi ng kaligtasan,” Tolentino added. Last year, the MMDA recorded almost 6,000 pedestrian deaths, owing mostly to jaywalking. (Philippine Star June 06, 2012) One of the biggest problems of our country is jaywalking. Several deaths and accidents are recorded each year because of the Filipino’s lack of discipline.

Why does a Filipino choose not to use an overpass in crossing wide roads? There is lack of security in the overpass. People are afraid because of the prevalence of snatching and pickpocketing incidents due to lack of lights and person in charge of security. The presence of beggars and vendors also discourage people from using overpass. There is lack of drainage system and proper roofing. When the rain starts pouring down, the overpass starts to become wet. People might have an accident when climbing up and down the overpass. Pregnant women, senior students and persons with disabilities find it hard to use an overpass because of their situation. Several overpasses are unclean. People who use overpass usually throw their trash anywhere. Other overpasses smell like a “comfort room” due to people who pee there. Overpass can save lives. The OverPass (TOP) Management is necessary so that the overpass can be really useful to people. There is a need for security persons to be in charge in the different overpass so the people can feel secured on using it. These security persons shall too be responsible for the maintenance of the cleanliness of the overpass.

Proper trash bins must be placed in each overpass to minimize the improper garbage disposal. Proper drainage system, roof and lights is also necessary to ensure the safety of each overpass. Lifts should be available for pregnant women, senior students and persons with disabilities to ensure that everyone can use the overpass. TOP Management can save the lives of many Filipinos. This too can help in managing the traffic in every road. The government spends huge amount of money for the construction of these overpasses. We should make use of this project. But we must first ensure that these overpasses are really “passable overpass”. We should not let these overpasses be a venue for crimes or be a market place. Before encouraging the people to use an overpass in crossing streets, the government must ensure that each overpass is safe for public use. This may help reduce jaywalking accidents and overpass crime and accidents. Let’s promote the use of overpass. Let’s promote the saving of lives. Let’s promote TOP Management.


Cacamo, Dennis. “Most road accidents caused by jaywalking – MMDA.” PhilStar. Accessed 22 Sept 2012.

http://www.philstar.com/nation/article.aspx?publicationsubcategoryid 200&articleid=814578

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