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Long before the dawn of time itself, there existed a tiny singularity, the one bright spark of light which would give birth to all objects in the universe. This singularity held oceans of knowledge, many in which our emotions and thought cycles originated from. Where all knowledge on the universe and what was to be was stored. Inside the singularity, a tiny civilisation governed these vast oceans of knowledge, they were the guardians of knowledge, the most learned civilisation in that the universe had ever seen. They were the Infinities. The Infinities were they holders of the knowledge and power of the universe. They knew the outcome of the universe; they had knowledge of what the end was like, when certain people died they knew, one would say that the Infinities were fortune tellers. No, they weren’t, they were masters of the entire living realm.

They had the ability to give life or death to other living creatures also on the singularity. Yet, when one has power, it often corrupts them eventually… Mark was only young when he first mastered the ocean of emotions, one would think he would be much older than 12 years old. He rose up in the ranks rapidly and ultimately became the ruler of the ocean of emotions at the young age of 15. As ruler of emotions, he governed everyone’s feelings; he could make people happy, sad or even feel anger. At such a young age though, he soon grew tired of being the ruler of emotions. He wanted more, more power, the absolute control of living organisms. He wanted to rule over the world as supreme king. Mark often thought about the fact and soon became engulfed by self-indulgence and the need for power. As every day went by, Mark grew more anxious until one day he snapped. Mark mustered all who lived in his realm of emotions and trained them. Trained them into an elite fighting force that could control others emotions completely. The other realms became more reluctant to sending envoys as many never came back.

The ones who did come back told of war and mustering of troops and so the tiny singularity prepared itself for it first civil war. The realms opposed to Mark’s ambitions united together to make a stand against Mark and tried to stop his advance. This battle was not with swords, nor guns, nor even explosives. The Infinities were armed with the most lethal weapon ever possessed, their minds. This was a gigantic psychological battle against one another where the victor forces his opponent into suicide or turns them against their own kind. On the gusty border of the kingdom of emotion and kingdom of strength, the two armies advanced on each other. Slowly but surely Mark’s army took control of the battle as the two armies collided, the elite training that he had given to his men meant that each one of them was equivalent to 10 of the other soldiers. The insufficient numbers of the alliance soon dwindled and scattered of the border. Within days Mark had capture 3 more realms with only one left to go. Power was almost in his grasp, his dominion nearly complete, the utter demolition he left behind of the other 3 realms. The alliance only had one more chance left to defeat Mark, they mustered every single soul they could find, women, children and elderly marched for the confrontation of a lifetime.

Many would not survive the onslaught which would come, yet their solemn determination to help was unyielding in the face of death itself. A calm wind swept through the ranks of both the armies as they both stared down each other, the utter calm of the day was eerie and almost as if the world of the Infinities had stopped. Suddenly, someone from the allies screamed out in agony and pain as the opponent took control of his mind and forced him into submission. At the provocation of the scream the battle started. The air shimmered as if light shone through rain and as if there was an ocean of water in the air. The screams of agony as many fell dead on the floor, their lifeless bodies piling on top of each other, each distraught with pain and anguish. Then, Mark joined the fray… Entire columns of the allies were wiped out, he single handily forced submission of hundreds at once, he frightened them so much the pissed their pants. The expressions were of horror but still, the onslaught continued until a 1000 man barricade on Mark’s mind was made.

The titanic battle ripped up the mountain ranges surrounding them, the air pressured increased on the land, the ground tore apart forming an abyss where the minds met Mark’s in mid-flight. All of a sudden, the world split apart, the explosion so catastrophic that it ripped the singularity into billions of particles; the world of the Infinities had ended with the death of all. In death of the Infinities though, was the creation of the universe as we know it today. Mark’s soul still clouds the minds of many living creatures including us humans with the thoughts of grief, anger, hatred and jealousy. Even so, the mind of the 1000 brave men will continue to keep supporting us with happiness and love until the day we all lie on our deathbeds waiting for the world to end.

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