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Answer the following questions for your ENG/147 final paper. Your response to each question should be at least 50 to 75 words.

1. Based on your exploration of the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database, what topic are you considering? Explain. Note. It is fine if your topic is a general one, as you will narrow it down in Week 2. The topic I considered to choose was high blood pressure. I tend to see my mother taking her pulse everyday and getting frequent headache every now and then. I also have the same problems when I tend to eat allot of salty foods and cause myself to be stressed out or worry about things I can not change.

2. Why have you selected this topic? What interests you academically or personally about your topic? I selected this topic because I’m not sure how it will affect me as I get older. I also want to be able to know everything there is about it so I can keep it down and not cause myself to have a stroke. This interests me personally because me and my mother suffering from this.

3. What do you already know about the topic? What I know about the topic already is that a risk of salt can raise it. Stress can also raise blood pressure temporarily and may lead to overeating, tobacco usage and drinking. Exercising can help lower blood pressure and try losing a few pounds can lower blood pressure also.If you are one that stresses and worry allot you can cause yourself to have a stroke.

4. What questions about this topic would you like to investigate? The questions I would like to investigate on this topic are Why are there really not any signs of high pressure? What are some other risks? Why isn’t there a cure? I would also like to know, why there isn’t a main medication for this symptom?

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