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Torture Not An Effective Form Of Intelligence Essay Sample

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Torture Not An Effective Form Of Intelligence Essay Sample

Despite the fact that, use of torture is aimed at saving of many innocent lives, it is not an effective form of intelligence. According to primary justification, it is clear that torture does not provide accurate or useful intelligence, and therefore other humane forms of interrogation are more effective. If one applies torture with a goal of gaining information so as to saving many innocent lives, then it is not the correct form to use to obtain information. The fact itself results to only one conclusion; the aim that in fact results to people to accept even limited application of torture are not known or care to identify. In some situations they are conscious of the deformity of souls of their own, and they do not cease to seek to hide it from others and from themselves. It is immensely hard to maintain the monstrousness full scope, evil and inhumanity represented by mind torture. It is incivility, unacceptable and not decent to analyze in what fashion or whether we should exert pain on the other human being for the purpose of our own sake, in a desiccated bureaucrat manner, and utterly with compassion (Brown, 1998, 192).

Torture is not an effective form of intelligence; it only damages permanently those individuals tortured, and the violence administrators. Its lawful application profoundly undermines the entire community or society and institutions that encourage and practice democracy in a manner that is irreparable. However, its ineradicable and continues failure is completely irrelevant for those people who are seeking to expand and consolidate the power of state. In addition, inherent failure of torture underscores the aim and goals of these people. It is for this reason we are saying that use of torture as a form of intelligence is not effective. Some evidence has proved that use of torture is not an effective form of intelligence. No scientific evidence that has proved that the United States intelligence communities use or application of torture in fights against terrorism has worked. It is believed by some experts that, use of coercive and painful approaches could hinder the ability to source important and good information. The continued use of torture as a form of intelligence has been the case because no significant research that has been done on how effective the technique is. Due to lack of adequate research, people have not been in position to recognize lack of effectiveness in the use of torture as an intelligence form (Brown, 1998, 190).

It is argued that, torture is not used to get confession of criminals because we know that torture could be very effective for us to get anyone to talk of anything if the person applying torture on the other individual is ready to be sufficiently brutal. However, it is clear that we can not justify if a confession is false or true, and therefore use of torture becomes useless. If the technique is applied to unwilling captives it will be an ineffective way of obtaining information. If torture is fearsome that forces an individual to implicate himself in a crime which he will be executed, torture will be less effective in this matter. On 24’s show, torture is very contradicting just like the producers. The 24 have depicted that torture and terrorism as married.

If torture is used on innocent or not, few people near to holocaust imminent nuclear, here torture will be seen as a necessity. However the 24 sees torture being uncomfortable. No one has produced validated evidence that torture produces intelligence that is reliable. As the apologists of torture claims that torture technique of sourcing information of terror crime, saves lives, this matter is highly contradicted by many professionals of FBI, Army and CIA who had carried on interrogation on the captives of al-Qaeda. If there is evidence that can be relied on that torture has, it is clear that, saved lives, interrupted ticking time bombs, the crisis’ gravity formed by the policy of free wheeling torture administration requires a clear answer which can be evaluated and weighed by a commission of blue-ribbon whose membership could include jurist, interrogators, theologist, national security specialist, leaders of military, and political leaders, and bipartisan.

Techniques such as waterboarding which has drowning sensation, stress positioning which can lead to collapsing or suffocation of the prisoner, keeping the prisoner in a cold environment that makes him or her to freeze, are not torturing techniques. These are only techniques of psychology made or designed to break the detainee. In such techniques there is an element of torture, but the reality of the matter is whether what is done induces mental or physical pain or suffering. Of the form of crucifixion of pressure of psychology which the CIA worked on Jamadi, one of the police who tortured him confessed he had never seen arms of any anyone positioned like that. The arms did not pop out of their sockets (http://s221.photobucket.com/albums/dd80/wilson0904/1A/

It is the worst of the worst who are subjected to torture in search or information to save innocent when it occurs a case of ticking time bombs. This assumption is not only unfounded based on several Iraq abuses. The Israelites have tried and abandoned, because it is not possible to confirm certainly of what either of the suspects knows. Therefore, the torture by ticking time bombs can virtually be justified in every interrogation. The experimentation by Israel with torture lite, reversed circumstances for ticking time bomb, where most of the Palestine detainees were given the allowed treatment which was very harsh. Government’s democracy has been eluded due to capability to celebrate finely the torture (Jackson, 2005, 97).

Torture is neither legal nor moral. The prop in the justification of the conduct of right wing is the tortures efficacy, but this is a false justification. If you wish to break identity of someone or as a person destroys them, torture can be said to be just your thing. It is extreme social control form that you force the other person believe, and even do what you want him or her to. In a society which is governed by law, torture is used to source information where other techniques lack supportable criminal accusation basis. For this matter torture when used causes agonizing pain to the suspects in which there are no prime evidence to justify the suffering of the victim. Torture as a form of intelligence is an ineffective in the sense that, people have perceived it as not moral. Torture has been said to be wrong and thus opinions against torture on suspects of terror is sufficient based on such argument. In the same argument it has been said that even if torture was to be waived on the objection of moral, torture has not offered a reliable intelligence (Marks, 1999, 70).


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