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Tough Mudder Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

1. It has strong corporate culture
2. It has lots of different races based on different climate, terrain, geographies 3. Superb word-of-mouth advertising via traditional and social media means 4. It has the Training programs helping the participants to be more understand about the event 5. It has the post party which the company will always have food and drinks for sale and it’s a rockin’ fun time 6. Located in Brooklyn New York, where there exist many creative industries. Surrounded by start-ups, studios, and tons of other innovative young companies 7. The human resource of Tough Mudder

Unlimited vacation policy
Competitive health insurance benefits
Pension (e.g. 401(k) plan)
Annual performance based bonus
Referral bonuses
Ongoing career development opportunities and management training Annual Business Plan Competition
Fitness reimbursement
Tuition reimbursement
Charitable opportunities
Commuter b

enefits Flexible spending accounts Free snacks and drinks in the office Discounted

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Choose a Membership Plan
gear with our sponsors
Company retreats
Quarterly team fun events (ski trips, color wars, barbecues) Free entries to Tough Mudder events for friends and family
1. It is a young organization
2. The event participants logistics, waves of 500 people go every 15 minutes
at a sold out event, traffic jams, congestion and back-ups at obstacles.
3. Has been criticized and sued as one man died in the April 20, 2013

1. International markets are largely untapped
2. The membership may increase participation
3. Develop the training programs (Now the training is about downloading the workout document and follow what they recommend.) It is a great chance to become social component and a key way to grow its participants.
4. Develop the students markets,

Like providing events only for college students, students can get discount. Events for students celebrate for their graduations with their friends and classmates. The training program can be used in the class provide for students.

1. Obstacle racing could just be a fad and people return to the Ironman, triathlons, and traditional marathons
2. The two main competitors Warrior Dash and Spartan Race.
3. Threat of new entrants is low

Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, and Spartan are becoming well-established and max-out the obstacle racing market



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