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(Claim) The 4.4 million children who play tackle football sustain more than 500,000 concussions in the United States. The problem is players usually don’t report anything after a hit to the head and that hit can always lead to brain injury. Football helmets should higher their technology to combat concussions because helmets are still causing major head injuries. For this to take effect helmet companies will need to invest more in there research to construct there merchandise better.

(Data #1) The hard-hitting sport of football has players that are bigger, faster and more powerful than ever. Dr. Ann McKee, an associate professor of neurology and pathology at Boston University has been studying brains of deceased football players. She wanted to illustrate the damage that repeated hits to the helmets could cause. She was given the brains of 16 former NFL players some of whom suffered dementia, ALS or severe depression.

Families were wondering whether there was a link to between football and the psychological, physical or behavior problems that affected some of the older players. Testing was completed and 13 of the brains were diagnosed with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. In addition McKee has examined the brains of deceased college and high school football players and found evidence of CTE in several of them as well. (King Peter)

(CTE), which is a degenerative brain disease, has been linked to repeated head trauma and to former pro football player junior Seau, the 20- season veteran NFL linebacker who committed suicide the year of 2012. Seau is the latest football player to commit suicide and later be diagnosed with CTE. Former NFL veterans Dave Duerson, Terry Long and Andre Waters all shot themselves to death and were later found to have the disease. Out of the 34 former NFL players who have died and donated their brains to research, the percentage of them who have pathologically confirmed CTE is staggering. Over 90 percent, at 2009 University of Michigan report found

(Data #2) High School Football has changed in North Carolina since two fatal brain injuries shook the sport in August 2008. Jaquan Waller at Greenville rose and Matthew Gfeller at Winston-Salem Reynolds dies days apart after head injuries suffered during High School Football games that’s season. Jaquan Waller, a 16-year-old running back for J.H Rose High, suffered a concussion during a practice, but the traumatic brain injury was not diagnosed and he did not see a physician. He played in a game later that week and died of a second impact syndrome when a collision jarred his already injured brain. Matthew Gfeller, a 15-year-old sophomore linebacker for Reynolds High, died after suffering a severe head injury in a game that same year.

(Warrant #1) Athletes who suffer from a major hit during a game should be taken off the field for their own safety. N.F.L players with (CTE) should be provided with medical assistance. Current players, who show sign of CTE will now, hopefully use research information to decided when to retire and possibly prevent further injury.

(Warrant #2) High School Students who experience a head injury during a game should be taking to their doctor for CAT scan. And receive a two-week suspension from playing games and practicing. Taking away contact from players will help there brain bruising to recover better.

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