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Tourism Essay Sample

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Tourism Essay Sample

The study aims to present the measure of the effect of “It’s more fun in the Philippines ” campaign to the self-efficacy of students to promote tourism in the Philippines. 1. What is the profile of the students in terms of the ff:

1.1 Age
1.2 Gender
1.3 Course
1.3.1 College of Nursing
1.3.2 College of Arts and Sciences
1.3.3 College of Accountancy and Management
2. What is the measure of the effect of “It’s more fun in the Philiipines” campaign to the self-efficacy of students to promote tourism in the Philippines in terms of 2.1 Performance Accomplishment

Toursim industry is one of the pillars of Philippines’ economy. It is a major driving force towards econominc growth. Both the government and the private sector continue to develop the tourism industry to attract large numbers of vistors in the face of sustainability challenges and competition from other countries. Through this tourism campaign, the students who have experience can also contribute by actively participate and coordinate with the advocacy of the country.

Especially nowadays that majority of the students attributed with the power of Internet and Social Networking Sites that can easily broadcast the beautiful destinations of the Philippines by posting reviews and pictures. However, the country have encounter previous experiences and it’s historical background, there are other factors which need to be focused on such as the local mentality toward work and leadership as well as the problem of self-interest which influences both leaders and the local Philippines. There are essential aspects within inter-organizational commitment that are related to interpersonal relationships between organizations that the students are considering. The government should trust students. to provide them eagerness, enthusiasm and confidence to help the country’s advancement and development

2.2 Vicarious Experience

These are some of the various aspects of the students that may be conductive to the development and improvement to boost eagerness to promote Philippines tourism. Protection of property rights, more openess toward foreign investments, and few visa requirements for the foreign visitors. However, other areas such as the difficulty of starting a business in the country, in both cost and extent of the process, remain a challenge. Moreover, safety and security concerns inadequate health and hygiene and under-developed ground transport, tourism and infrastracture are all holding back the potential of promoting the tourism in the Philippines.

2.3 Social Persuasion

In the Course of this study, numerous sources have been used to analyze the tourism campaign. Unfortunately, most of the data reviewed burst the past and current efforts and achievements of the students in connection with the campaign. This is the positive way of giving hope and motivation to a country and it’s people. With this in mind, the tourism industry in the Philippines is still in it’s young stage and is involved in strategic marketing in order to compete the existing giants. In order to counteract future misfortunes within the tourism industry, education and initiative should be reinforced with the help of students. Sustainable tourism should be given a voice which entails a more open discussion with the local population

. 2.4 Psychological and Emotiona States

The Philippines has been struggling to obtain a position within the tourism industry for considerable amount of years. There are aspects in tourism that provoking the students to promote tourism in the Philippines. Mainly. political insatbility has been one of the reasons for the negative exposure which also receives from the international media. Other difficulties are natural disasters such as typhoons and volcanic ereuptions and some Asian economic crisis. The problems have made it impossible for the Philippines to become a major player within the tourism industry.

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