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Many developing countries are currently expanding their tourist industries Why is this the case? Is it a positive development?

Nowadays, more and more countries are become hospitable to their visitors or aliens. Some places that were totally forbidden once upon a time, have become accessible to visitors. Those countries, particular some developing countries, feel obliged to invest more money in order to extend their tourist industries. But whether such expansion be positive or not is still a mooted point. In some sparsely-populated rural countries are more likely to take actions base on tourism, not only because people have less idea of what the country is like , but also in all possibilities, they will make larger profits. But there are one critical reason which we describe as “reputation”.

If a developing countries have become a warmly host to attract attentions of millions visitors in the world and provides the best absorbing vacation to tourist, the reputation gains, and overwhelmingly confidence arises. This is a real phenomenon that has long exist in the age. In my opinion, it is a preponderance if a country possesses a vast of frontier and any potential site which will turn resort, which can be regarded as a constructive idea toward future. On one hand, some advantages a developing country has naturally, but over-emphasize on the development of this would feel more become commercialization. On the other hand, it might lead to massive immigrants to that countries and cause unpredictable issues like over-populated and promiscuous investment. In conclusion, it is a good cause for those developing countries to have enterprising attitudes toward tourist investment. But they really need a code to invest by.

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