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I want to join Track and Field to gain experience that I have never had before. If I were to be accepted I Would try my best to show up to every practice. So far I have participated in Tennis and Cross Country fro my freshmen and sophomore year, and I am looking forward to adding Track and Field to that list. Most of all I have encouragement from my family to join track since my cousin and my brother have been in it. To be a part of Track and Field would be like entering a society, and if I am admitted into this society I will not let anyone down, or I will try to not let anyone down. The Events that I am interested in is Pole Vaulting and Long Jumps, I want to do this because it seems like a lot of fun and a new experience that I can not wait to try out.

Some goals that I hope to accomplish by joining this team is to gain a stronger sense of belonging. this is because in todays society if you do not learn how to belong then you become an outcast thrown from the grasp of society. Another goal is to improve my physical strength and become a better version of myself, in essence giving me an update from my lazy ways. Another goal is have a great personal record, I do not speak by fact since I have not been on this team but I know if I dedicate myself then I can accomplish anything I want to accomplish. Some Qualities that I have to contribute to the team id being responsible.

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