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Traditional Bullying Online Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Megan Taylor Meier was an American teenager from Dardenne Prairie, Missouri, who committed suicide by hanging three weeks before her fourteenth birthday. A year later, Meier’s parents prompted an investigation into the matter and her suicide was attributed to cyber-bullying through the social networking website MySpace. Cyber bullying is the Harassment of someone online. Cyber bulling causes depression, anxiety, and unfortunately suicide in many young teens. It can lead to negative effects in teens making it a serious problem that must be stopped. Cyber bullying is a leading cause of damage to youths, because it is more harmful than any other type of bullying, in it involves social websites, text messaging, and social groups. Cyber bullying is a serious problem in American youths.”Cyber bullying stems from the traditional form of bulling because the same school yard bully can now take his harassment online where almost everyone can see it.”[Shock 22-28]Cyber bullying is just an extended form of traditional bullying online.

Bulling doesn’t end once the victim is in a safe environment, it often continues through the web.”About 45 million American kids age 10-17 are currently estimated to be spending hours every day on their computers or phones. With a click of a button, they can email rumors to recipients for instant viewing, permanently damaging their peers reputation and social life.’’[Simmons 1-1]So, many kid a connected to the internet that they can target anyone at anytime, cyber bullying everywhere.”About a third of all reports of cyber bullying involve “distressing harassment.”Distress steaming from cyber bullying victimization can lead to negative effects similar to offline bulling such as depression, Anxiety, and having negative social views of themselves.’’[Shock 22-28] Cyber bullying doesn’t stop once the person is offline it carries on it the person’s emotions and can lead to negative social views.”Weblogs, or blogs, are the latest sites of internet cruelty. Blogs are cyber bullying shows, widely read diaries that publicly detail the social drama or fluctuating emotions of young lives.”[Shock 22-28] The internet has other forms of bullying like blogs, because they often read the diaries of the victim or give out person information.

The live of many teens are at stake because of cyber bulling, and it must end. New technologies such as cell phones such as cell phones, which can access the internet, are thought to be why cyber bullying is so prevalent. Cell phones have the ability to take pictures send messages, and access to the web. This makes for a greater outlet for cyber bullying.”Text messaging is rampant in cyber bullying, 11 out of 18 teens in the U.S have and use cell phones. Text messaging is often times thought to be the worst form of cyber bullying, because anyone can become a bully, and contact or constantly harass a victim.”[Simmons 1-1] Text messaging aids cyber bullies and makes this more of a danger to youths.”The internet is where cyber bullying lives. Internet applications such as ones on cell phones only widen the possibility of damage to the cyber bullied victim.”[Swearer 1-1] New tech such as internet apps is something that teenagers use constantly, which can only to why cyber bullying is prevalent.

“On the social networking sites some youths will write comments and blogs attacking other students.”[Swearer 1-1] New social network sites hold conversations about individuals, that everyone can access trough mobile phones. “Teens also have been known to set up fake profiles supposedly belong to a specific individual, only to po

st defamatory content and unflattering pictures.”Teenagers setup fake profiles on the internet and

get away with cyber bullying, because they are behind a mobile device.”[Swearer 1-1] Bigger bullies are the main cause of bullies. Bullies are victims to, they are often times bullied themselves and take their anger out on other people. They often have lower levels of self esteem. “But taking out their frustrations on kids at school doesn’t help bullies.”[Swearer 1-1] Bullying doesn’t help other bullies, it only makes more bullies. “Researchers have found that bullies who are bullied themselves have high rates of depression, anxiety, anger, and lower self esteem than kids who are only bullies, only victims or who are not involved in bullying at all.”[Sweater1-1] Bullies have a higher rate of depression, anxiety, and anger which makes them more susceptible to falling into bullying.

“Bullies are made by bigger bullies.”Bullies where once victims themselves, and through there depression, end up as victims, thus this cycle doesn’t end. “Bullies eventually grow out of bullying.” Bullies eventually grow up and earn respect for their peers; this may be a trend amongst youths. I also believe that Cyber bullying is worse than traditional forms of bullying such as physical bullying, and vocal bullying. Physical bullying stops once the victim is in a safe environment, but cyber bullying never stops. “Although cyber bullying is less physical than traditional forms of bullying, it can have a more devastating and longer lasting effect.”[Meech 1-1] Cyber bullying leaves a longer lasting affect because, there are always negative things going around social network sites about them. “Now a small physically weak child can be as much as a bullying as the big brute but with more of an impact.”[Meech 1-1] Anyone can become a bully now, because cyber bulling does not require any size it only requires a coward behind a computer screen or mobile device.

“Cyber bullying is a very difficult form of bullying to prevent and police. A major difference between cyber bullying and traditional bullying is the ability to bully without face to face confrontation.” Cyber bullying is hard to stop because the bullies must be confronted face-to-face, like tradition bullying. “Authorities have a greater difficulty in tracking down the bully because of problems of identification. Students are often too lax in their security with usernames and passwords so messages can be falsely written by individuals and misrepresented.”[Meech 1-1] Cyber bullying is almost impossible to stop because the bullies often times use other student’s usernames and password to send harmful messages, that falsely represented the student. Some believe that the prevalence of cyber bullying is exaggerated. They say that recent studies demonstrate that bullying in general has increased in the past several years. “Bullying itself has declined in the past several years from 22 percent in 2003 to 15 percent in 2008.”[Magid 1-1]

Bullying is major problem because teens every year get a lower self esteem, depression, and in some cases kill the bully or themselves. “Fears of online sexual predators cyber bullying, sexting and other perils of the internet are overblown.”[Magid 1-1] Sexual predators, cyber bullying, and sexting, are all real, and is a growing part of cyber bullying. “Bullying happens more offline than online.”[Lenhart 1-1] Traditional bullying stops once the victim is a safe environment, but cyber bullying never stops. “Teens said that the real problem is traditional bullying because it happens more frequently, than cyber bullying.”[Lenhart 1-1] Cyber bulling is the real problem because it leaves youths emotionally scared and continues to surface. Cyber Bullying is a leading cause of damage to youths, because it is more harmful than any other type of bullying, in that involves social websites, text messaging, and social groups. I believe that cyber bullying is a growing problem, because of the growth social media sites that my peers and I use. These social media websites also contributes to the growing number of teenage suicides in America. The death of cyber bullying would lead to more confident youths, also a more earned respect between teenagers and their peers.

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