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Training And Development On Customer Service And Satisfaction Essay Sample

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Training And Development On Customer Service And Satisfaction Essay Sample

Training is teaching a person to perform a particular job or skill well, or to behave in a particular way through regular instructions and practice. It is the process of preparing for a job and is simply imparting knowledge on the employee to learn a sequence of programmed behavior in an attempt to improve performance on the current job or prepare them for an intended job. It can be defined as a systematic modification of behavior through planned experience or a systematic process of changing the behavior, and knowledge.

It is a planned process to modify attitude, knowledge, skill or behavior through a learning experience to achieve effective performance in an activity. Its purpose in the work situation is to develop the abilities of the individual and to satisfy the current and future manpower needs of the organization. A skill is an ability to execute certain jobs. Knowledge is the ability to understand how things are done while attitude is the receptiveness towards things.

Training is critical to the performance of employees at all levels of an organization as it is a motivator and is essential to acquiring and maintaining skills necessary for optimal job performance. Development on the other hand is a process which covers not only those activities which improve job performance but also those which bring about growth of the personality of individuals.

The main difference between training and development is that training is a short-term process utilizing a systematic and organized procedure by which non-managerial personnel learn technical knowledge and skills for a definite purpose while development is a long-term educational process utilizing a systematic and organized procedure by which managerial personnel learn conceptual and theoretical knowledge. The development of staff skill sets

Companies looking to thrive in the 21st century are investing in customer service training programs, customer relationship management and call center training programs that sharpen their customer focus and build customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention with every experience. Keeping customers happy and continually buying should be the aim of every organization. The lifetime value of a customer should be a primary concern. Customer service and satisfaction training is aimed at any member of staff who has interaction with customers such as sales people, customer care teams, and sales and service advisors.

Organizations should thus focus on training and developing their customer service department staff to cope up with this. Various skills include the ability of allowing customers to say what is important to them, to listen and make them feel important, integrate their needs and expectations into planning and be customer-focused. All this is possible by having customer related employees undergo relevant training and development. Customer service Customer service is the cornerstone of a solid, thriving business.

It is more expensive to get a new customer than it does to service and maintain the satisfaction and loyalty of an existing customer. As expected, companies work on cutting costs and during this process, they don’t realize that customer attraction could be the single largest cost they have. However, this customer attraction cost has the same bottom line effect as cutting costs as it brings more revenue thus more profits. This is enhanced by companies investing in training and developing their employees to handle customers. Customer service skills can increase the value of the company and advance one’s career at the same time.

Training covers such topics as telephone based customer service, telephone etiquette, dealing with difficult customers, and assertive problem solving. Service covers all stakeholders both internal and external. Internal stakeholders are the employees and managers while the external are mainly the customers who seek for efficiency and effectiveness. Customers want quality services and goods at affordable prices. Customer satisfaction The key to customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention is to consistently deliver a level of customer service that exceeds and even anticipates the customer’s expectations for value.

Good customer relationship management entails thoughtful customer care and customer experience design. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are directly tied to the quality of an organization’s customer relationship management, through training and developing their staff and equipping them with the relevant skill set. The customer has to feel good about doing business with you. Measurement of operational metrics. These include the levels of customer service training, customer relationship management and call center training programs.

All these are tailored to heighten and focus awareness and sensitivity to a client’s needs and enhancing the customer experience. Customer service training program teaches the Human Resources Departments how to build, inspire and motivate a team that is focused on customer care, customer loyalty and customer retention thereby creating profits. There should be a customer training evaluation which should determine the extent to which the objectives of training have been achieved in areas such as increasing sales, increasing productivity, reducing accidents or increasing customer satisfaction.

Customer service satisfaction surveys These include a cost and effort justifying research whose role is customer perceived quality, the importance of customer satisfaction and its relationship to profits, managing customer satisfaction and retention, the evolution of customer satisfaction measurement and management, and how to keep customer satisfaction long-term. Other metrics include learning what product attributes should be tracked in customer satisfaction measurement and the structure of customer satisfaction. Survey instruments include, secondary sources, internal interviews, customer interviews and focus groups.

These results of the qualitative discovery process need to be organized into a practical questionnaire that needs to be tracked and restructured to give a feedback on customer relationship, satisfaction and consequently retention. Conclusion Customer service training and development helps people to appreciate the lifetime value of customers, help them understand what customer satisfaction is all about and what the needs and requirements of customers are, and gaining of techniques and strategies to handle complaints effectively.

Symptoms of satisfied customers include repeat spending with your organization and telling friends and colleagues about the advantages of dealing with and purchasing from your organization while dissatisfied customers defect to a competitor, and while they are defecting, they tell friends and colleagues their reasons for not doing business with your organization! All this can be avoided through investing in customer service and satisfaction training and development on an organization’s employees.

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