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Forensic psychiatry is one of the sub-areas of psychiatry, a supplementary science of criminology. It involves interfaces between psychiatry and law. This service provides capability to stand in the court trial which facilitates adjudicative processes. Forensic psychiatrists usually work with courts. They evaluate the competency of an individual to stand trial. Typically, as such defense is based on mental defects, for example, insanity. When found the patient to have mental illness, sentencing recommendations follow. Two main areas of criminal assessments in forensic psychiatry: Mental State during the Offense (MSO) and Competency to stand the Trial (CST).

Competency evaluation determines defendants if they have the mental capacity in understanding the charges and if able to assist their attorney. A forensic psychiatrist is frequently asked to be an expert witness in civil and criminal proceedings. That witness may give an opinion regarding defendant’s issue, providing to the court an independent opinion and arranged a detailed report before testifying. Only a forensic psychiatrist is permitted to testify in the court in regards to matters when an unordinary understandable occurs to the investigators. Often, the defendant when insane at the time of the offense, the potential outcome will be “not guilty due to insanity”; thus, the reason why psychiatrists testify for the prosecution and defense.

Medical transcription service for forensic psychiatry helps individual, physicians, and health centers transcribe the mental illness of the patient. Transcriptionists provide detailed explanation about the current status of the patient. Usually their platforms have developed reasoning of patient’s disorder. History will be checked, the bloodline of the family, past experiences, and other related tests to provide definite discussions at the legal process.

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