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TRECE MARTIRES CITY — People from the Cavite provincial government is hoping that the problem in garbage will be resolve as soon as possible. Due to this problem, Gov. Ayong Maliksi and Engineer Lambert L. Lee Jr., president of the Environ save Inc., signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that the company commissioned by the provincial government to undertake the construction of the sanitary landfill facility in Ternate town. Engineer Rolinio Pozas, provincial government environment and natural resources office (PG-ENRO) and Engineer Rey E. Guillermo, general manager of the Environsave witnessed the signing of this said memorandum and together with the members of the provincial board, heads of the provincial government departments as well as officials of various non-government organizations. The provincial government is also having seminars regarding to the proper waste disposal and how to recycle our used papers especially plastics because it is hard to dispose.

The seminar dealt on the current status of the solid waste management in the province and the strategies on how to address the problem on garbage through this, we can also earn money from our used materials and it will help us to minimize flood, because these some materials trapped in the esteros, and drainages. It was learned that Cavite’s 20 towns and three cities generate an average of 1,500 tons of garbage daily. At present, most of the garbage is dumped in vacant lots, rivers, esteros, creeks, roadsides and other available space for lack of well managed garbage disposal. With the garbage improperly disposed of, it does not only endanger our local economy. It puts our health in perils. Now is the time to get our acts together and put a stop to the mounting garbage problem

Provincial Activities 2010 Cavite is the fastest growing province, currently there are 3.2 million people living in here and in 7 years approximately there are 6.4 million residents. Due to this unstoppable growth of population, the government has a long term programs to help the Caviteños. Our present appointed provincial administrator for external affairs is Efren C. Nazareno, a former 3 term mayor of Naic Cavite. He is an over sear, adviser and the alter ego of the governor of Cavite and plan as one. Nazareno is heading differentsections of the  provincial government including the provincial agriculture, education, veterinary, health center and provincial drugstores and environment. One of their programs of the government is to bring back the old glory of the Cavite and to extend the Commerce of our province. The government is also aiming to industrialize the Cavite el Nuevo or the new Cavite in the other hand developing the livelihood for the Cavite el Viejo or the old Cavite which is from Bacoor to tanza is also included to their goals.

For our environment, seminars dealing on the current status of the solid waste management in the province and the strategies on how to address the problem on garbage was held. For the health care there are public hospitals and drugstores which is very helpful to all especially for our less fortunate kababayans. According to Nazareno, we’ll be having a bright future with help of our good Governor Remulla and unlike what happened to the previous administration which is costly, at this early, they are really dividing the budget for the needs of people of cavite. For their first three months in the government, these are some of the good changes that we are all longing for and as well as for the betterment of our province. But the change that we are longing should start within ourselves, they are just leaders that help us as a whole, but we are doers and responsible for our own actions. If we want a good change, we should start it now and our little contributions can really help for our nation.

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