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a. U.S. desired end state for Somalia is to eliminate the terrorist threat and promote political stability by supporting the establishment of a functioning central government and to address the humanitarian needs of the Somali people. Ends:

1. Political Dialogue – U.S. encouragement between Transitional Federal Institutions and other key Somali stakeholders with the goal of forming an inclusive government of national unity. 2. Security and Stability – Stabilize the situation by rapid deployment of a stabilization force to Somalia. 3. Building capacity in the transitional federal institutions – U.S. support the TFIs and start re-building institutions. Ways:

1 a. Encouragement of the TFG to reach out to key groups inside Somalia 1 b. Hold elections in 2009
1 c. Strengthening governance, human and institutional capacities 2 a. Rapid deployment of a stabilization force to Somalia
2 b. Financial contribution for strategic transportation and peacekeeping equipment 2 c. Build force generation from U.S. by training and equipping; Appropriate conditions are created for full-fledged reengagement of Somalia; 3 a. Re-building of law enforcement, judicial, health, education and medical services. 3 b. Emergency Support; Facilitating the Reengagement Process of Somalia with the International Financial Community Means:

1 a. Positive statements matched by positive actions; Work with individuals formerly affiliated with the now-defunct Council of Islamic Courts 1 b. Encourage extensively with groups in Mogadishu and work constructively 1 c. Relocate the TFIs to the country’s capital; Press briefings; Local media 1 d. U.S. inclusive dialogue with TFG while also attending to humanitarian needs of Somali people 2 a. Uganda offered to deploy 1500 troops

2 b. African Union Peace and Security Council endorsed stabilization mission in Somalia 2 c. U.S. support with $2 M for strategic transport and $8 M for peacekeeping equipment and training 2 d. AU working to strengthen the Ugandan deployment through ACOT A program 2 e. Somali people take responsibility for maintaining security at the local level with EARSI 3 a. $40.5 M in new assistance for Somalia from U.S.; Seek assistance from allies EACTI 3 b. U.S. long term commitment and engagement; Financial support from Somali Diaspora outside of Somalia and find vulnerable communities within Somolia that have been resilient to the warlords 3 c. Progress needs to be shown in order to get more donor support using WFP and CARE; Communities 3 d. Relocate refugees using USAID, PRM, UNHCR, IDPs

3 e. Entire population of Somalia; Vulnerable groups and communities, including women Risks:
– Non-sufficient funds for capacity building; Lack the ability to create self-sustaining funds – Difficulties in staffing public institutions;
– Difficulty in recruiting good consultants to undertake work in Somalia. – Revival of tensions and deterioration of political, social & economic situations; – Risk mitigated by the domestic broad-based and inclusive approach and sustained commitment of international community. – Lack of donor interest in funding the downstream support actions; – Inadequate sector budgets for government programs;

I have identified many risks associated to the regional strategy on Somalia although the prospects look great but the entire strategy is fragile. All the identified ends, ways & means are interwoven and are interdependent. But the two largest risks of the complete operation is the financial requirement and international help to jump start stability and recovery in Somalia. The plan is flexible because its better than nothing and there is a huge assumption that the entire country of Somalia is ready for a change causing friction between locals, intended government and warlords of the past. Lastly, I caution on Somalia’s ability to create self-sustaining funds to run its own country. What natural resources do they have to capitalize on and enter the international market?

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