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‘Transvaluation of Values’ in the Modern World Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

            German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was the proponent of ‘transvaluation of all values.’  He observed that traditional values were harsh for both those who live by them and those who do not.  Nietzsche blamed Christianity for the strict moral conduct it imposed on its followers.  Among its teachings were; sex is shameful and suffering on earth has its reward in heaven.  For Nietzsche lusting is simply lusting, a biological urge and not a mental dictate.  Neither should lusting be considered a sin.  Religious teachings also conditioned the minds of people on glory in death rather than celebrating life.  Further, Nietzsche urged the re-thinking and re-evaluation of these old values because he believed they take away from a man the essence of his being a person and the fun in living.


           Today in our modern world there is a ‘transvaluation of values.’ Our values

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are taken and practiced in a more liberal context than before.  Take the case of love.  One loves whomever, however, wherever, whenever, and for as long and as soon as he wants to.  It is an emotion that a person is allowed to experience without guilt feelings and repression.  This is the better part of seeing the old values in another way.  It is not that society has become permissive but more of society becoming more accepting.

            There is, however, a downside to the ‘transvaluation’ in our modern world.  People value Time as if today is their last on earth.  Life is so rushed that they do not have a moment to stop and smell the flowers.  Modern technology had shrunk the world, yet, people rarely have the time to keep in touch.   They have become impersonal and distant in their relationships.  Sometimes they can be insensitive and too busy to care.  Time has made people to be in constant motion that they forget to enjoy the things that matter most.

            ‘Transvaluation of Values’ is also coming to terms with how Man has progressed with his life.   He is not caught up with the past because he too has to live in the present.


Nietzsche’s Moral Breakthrough.  Retrieved April 15, 2008, from http://www.hkbu.edu.hk/~ppp/top/top19

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