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1. Ability to provide the best options and prices.

It is not just about price. Consumers are looking to travel agents to provide the best overall solution to their individual travel needs 2 Saving money.

Saving money is also not just about price. It is more about value. Saving money is important to consumers only after they have evaluated the value equation. 3 Product knowledge.

Customers buy insight. This is the most important attribute next to the offering of pricing and product options. Travel agents can position themselves to be travel experts if they have the proper training and knowledge to back it up. This is why continuing education is so critical, whether you are in an office environment or at home. 4 Saving time.

Consumers have no time. We live in a time deprived society. Six in ten leisure travelers do not feel they have enough vacation time. The value of a travel agent is the ability to provide a personalized travel experience at the right quality and price and most importantly, saving time and energy for their customer. 5 Ability to answer questions about safety/security.

For Safety Also
Safety and security have always been top of mind with leisure travelers.. Consumers are seeking out safety/security information which provides them with up to date information on travel destinations. In the world we live in today, this is critical.

One cannot make assumptions about any destination, especially international, without having the insight from up to date information, whether it is political, health related, terrorism, or weather related. And we know how rapidly this can change.

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