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Formal teams are teams that are arranged by the organisation. All teams have a structure with individuals having particular responsibilities and roles. Describe informal teams (P5) Informal teams are those who have formed naturally, such as a group of friends that work together. Although these teams are not formal, these is a bond between the members. Example; A group of people from an organisation would join up and organise a Christmas party. Describe ad hoc

would join up and organise a Christmas party.

Describe ad hoc teams (P5)

This is a group of individual that happen to be working together on a particular task with no structure or pre-organisations. These groups tend to form in situations where something out of the ordinary happens

Where teams are needed (P5)

Teams are needed in any situation when a task is requires more than one person.


In a cleaning organisation at a place that needs cleaning but needs the task done quickly a team is needed to complete the tasks fast.

Why teams are needed (P5)

There are lots of reasons that travel and tourism organisation need teams. Some of the main reasons are that a task might be too big for one person to do.


In a shop people need shifts so that they are less tired, and so that they have teams to act while others are working or changing shifts and support each other.

What skills make a good team (P5)

To have a good team; each members should have different skills and qualities. If a team has a wide range of skills and qualities they will be a effective and wining team which would do better what ever the task.


A team would need;

* Share ideas

* Support each other

* Listening skills

Team 1 – Tour Operator – Thomas Cook

Explain vertically intergraded company (P5)

Thomas Cook Plc owns several operating companies.

Explain the companies it owns (P5)

Thomas cook owns seven different companies; here are some

* Condor

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