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Travyon Martin’s Case Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The article “Trayvon Martin’s Legacy” by the Editorial Board of the New York Times (July 14, 2013) criticizes the case of George Zimmerman who was found not guilty for killing Trayvon Martin. The New York Times claims that this verdict is more related to racism, the Stand Your Ground law, and restricted of gun control. They specifically argue that this country is still afflicted by racism about which has been disappeared since long time ago, but in reality it is still there. According to editorial board, it has been such a terrible years for government to control the gun. In my point of view, this case is more related to racism and gun control issue. George Zimmerman applied the concept of “reasonably beliefs” to express his desire to shoot Travyon Martin because he knew that the boy was a black.

This shows that the lack of control to gun ownership in this country cause a lot of victims specially those who from minority class. In New York Times, Supreme Court states that “things have changed dramatically” which is gives reader a prompt that racism still plagues everybody. It is really hard to eliminate completely the fear of racism in this country. This point emphasizes that we cannot forget how important it is to treat each other accordingly as we live in a multi-cultural community. People will not be able to forget the racism if we still bring it in to our everyday life. In addition to racism, government should cre

ate laws that protect people not to being racism each other because this is really a sensitive issue

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in this country. For instance, government has law about sexual harassment. The same law should be applied to racism to help people to respect each other because they know that there is law to protect this kind of harassment.

According to New York Times “it has been a bad year so far for gun control” which reminds the reader to be aware in this country that there is always someone with a hand-carry gun and ready to shoot everyone if he/she feels threatened. I believe that government should restrict the gun ownership or even ban it. Moreover, most of American believes that people will be more save if she/he has a gun at home. Which is ironically gives more opportunity for people to kill each other. President Barack Obama stated his opinion that he is against the gun violence in this country. He said that, the violence of using gun has scattered throughout that country. Obama said this because there is always someone out there that ready to shoot people with a loaded gun in his/her hand.

The impact of Travyon Martin’s case left the African-American parents to teach their children how to behavior in the society. As we all know that we live in a multicultural society that supposed to respect, love, and consider each other as one community not the color of someone’s skins. However, reality show that people still judge each based on what ethnic are you from. Many people claims that things have changed dramatically for the past few years but it is sad to said that people even remember clearer as time passed. They hardly forget those dark ages in past several decades. In addition to the discrimination that happens, people suffered more by the lack of gun regulations in this country.

Thus some people take advantages of the hatred and anger to bring out their feeling that cause significant problem in the community. At the end, I want to conclude that government should rectify the second amendment and add more restriction to the gun ownership so that people cannot freely using guns and shooting innocent people. Moreover, it’s really hard to change people’s mind not to being racist; everything is depend on the conscience to understand each other as human being who lives in the multicultural community and to be more aware about any other sensitive issues so that we can live in love and peace.

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