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1) Who are the stakeholders in this case?
First of all, 150 angry customers of TRI-STATE TELEPHONE COMPANY who had marched in the protest are the main stakeholders. In Addition, there were a number of elderly customers who regarded phone services as their lifeline to the outside world.

Consumer group, including the Consumer Federation Of America and the Congress of Consumer Organizations, had joined the protest and also become TRI-STATE TELEPHONE Company’s Stakeholders.

2) Which stakeholders are most important?
Godwin’s studies showed that the elderly were very light users of local services and could save as much as 20 percent under the new plan of Godwin’s company and those elderly are most important stakeholder’s in this case.

3) What are the critical trends in Tri-State’s environment? Answer:
Tri-State Telephone Company’s environment has become critical due to 150 angry customers who had marched in the protest and in addition to the elderly customer’s complain about the AT & T. The worst part of the company is that consumer groups, including the Consumer Federation of America and the Congress of consumer organizations had joined the protest, increasing their attention on the industry. Meanwhile, the department of Justice and Judge Harold Greene both of them were responsible for monitoring the AT & T divestiture.

4) Why do you think Tri-State’s customers are so upset?

Actually Customer wants an option from the company.
Customers want a new pricing system whereby customers of local telephone services would simply pay for what they used rather than a monthly flat fee.

Customers are upset that company is not giving an option to choose which ones to buy, rather implementing itself to pay monthly flat fee or simply pay for what they used.

5) What should John Godwin do?
He has to keep in mind “Company should help its customers rather than fight with them”. To give options to the customers, who wants flat monthly fees to be used he can use the same & who the elderly were very light users of local services and could save as much as 20 percent under the new plan. Implementation of the new plan- “Customers happy & also the company ”. Company can make profit when customers are having positive attitude towards the product.

Instead of to find a different way to meet the challenges of the future he has think that the regulators were favourably disposed toward his plan.

For the success of the company he has to implement new plans wherever & whenever it’s require to keep the customer happy.

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