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Trident University International Essay Sample

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Trident University International Essay Sample

In this paper I am to state my opinion as to whether organizations are likely to find better solutions to information overload through changes to their technical systems or their social systems. With the research I conducted and along with my experiences in the workplace, I have concluded that information overload can be improved through changes to technical and social systems. I will also present evidence that will go against my position on information overload. I am also tasked to rebut the position of the counterargument, showing how inadequate the counterargument is, against my original position. It is difficult enough for an organization to continue to be successful and prepare for future challenges in today’s world. Decisions that were made in the past, sometimes is not what we want to base our decision on here in the future. It takes time, money and a lot of effort to come up with changes to our technical and social systems.

Organizations could fail if the workers are not able to adapt and meet the challenges of information overload. In order to ease the pain of information overload, one has to recognize the warning signs and then admit that there is a problem and then come up with a solution. Information overload is something that has been around for hundreds of years and in no time soon will we see it go away. But there are those that have this assumption that technology will one day alleviate all forms of information overload. For whatever reason there are those who put their trust in the “power” of technology, instead of applying social systems to think through the problems and determine thoughtful solutions (Brown, 2000). The consumers are having a difficult time trying to take in all the information that is being thrown at them (Herbig &Kramer, 1994).

With today’s technical systems and the way business is being conducted, information overload can become overwhelming. Organizations that take advantage of technical and social systems have the capability to realize and adjust to the benefits of new innovations. Successful organizations have the notion to master this opportunity of information overload. Social awareness has been heightened over the past several decades because of the rapidly changing environment and technical information here in the United States and overseas. This change has accelerated the way we think and the way our decisions are based (Thomas, Fleck & Snipes, 2000). This is the reason that organizations that encounter information overload are better off when they are able to come up with solutions through technical and social systems.

Because of some organizations inability to adapt innovative advances, they hamper on the negative impact of information overload. Information overload in my opinion is here to stay, it is always compounding. It just takes adjustment to our technical and social systems. There are times, I recall using oversized status boards to display the status of aircraft. There were creative ideas being accomplished socially and we were able to input additional information and this led to having to build and adapt to the status boards getting larger and larger. Due time would change all of this data being displayed on the status boards and eventually we had to advance to the technical systems of the time. This update to inputting data into a computer presented challenges socially in the organization. There were costs for some of the trainers to travel to locations get the required training to work and train others on how to use the new technology. With this simplified and more manageable way to enter data, there came more ideas to add additional information. This type of additional information could not come close to manageable on a status board.

But with any new technology being added to the organization, socially there could be issues. There are those individuals always that think that the way we used to accomplish tasks is still the best way. It is a no brainer, that a change in technology makes it more difficult and creates negative effects to information overload for some who do not like to see change. We see newspapers and magazine articles being replaced by new advancements in information delivery systems. When the older generations encounter this new technology, they are socially overwhelmed because they are not able, or most just refuse to accept change. People have the realization that technology is advancing way too much at an accelerated pace in a short amount of time. This is causing people to
display symptoms of information overload (Herbig & Kramer, 1994).

Overload of information normally happens when the nature of information is not known, hard to comprehend, or when it becomes to intense (Schneider, 1987). This could cause those exposed to information overload to be not as productive, make incorrect decisions which can cause stress and this can lead to stress related health problems. This is why we have people not wanting to accept that solutions to information overload can be accomplished with changes to technical and social systems. There are ways to combat information overload and make organizations encounter ways to solutions through technical and social systems. If it is known that technical or social systems caused information overload within the organization, one can assume that it can be fixed by the technical and social environment.

Technically, the designs of information systems which can make it more simplified to comprehend, input, and retrieve information will assists organizations in finding solutions to problems. It is imperative that socially, people just learn that it is important to capture the basics of time management skills. Learning to examine and being able to organize information is very important and can assist the organization to come up with solutions to issues. In closing, coming up with solutions to information overload is not a simple process. The peculiar solution to the information overload issue is more information. My take on this issue is that technical and social systems are the way to handle solutions to information overload. We just have to realize the some will rebut that advancement in technology is not the solution to information overload. But ensuring that we have the creativity to analyze current processes and be able to put in place new technology and social systems, one should be ensured that this is the best way to solve solutions in an organization.


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