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Luzviminda II Covered Court – is a place where our barangay captain, the head of the barangay government, often hold office . The elected barangay council, the Sangguniang Barangay, also hold its meetings there.

The barangay hall also serves as a local community center often providing space for both permanent and temporary services and events. The barangay’s day care center and office , space for the tanods and the barangay health workers are often located there. Medical missions, religious services, fiestas, and sports contests are often held at barangay hall.

The shape of this covered court is rectangle. Obviously by that, we can say that the four edges of this place has four right angles . Since a rectangle is a parallelogram , and this place is a rectangle, I can say that the opposite sides of this covered court are congruent . The angle of elevation can be formed, when an individual to the front of this structure raise his/her head to look at this , making a line of sight with the horizontal. And by determining the distance to the covered court and the angle at which they stand in relation to the top of this structure. Using angle calculations for sines and cosines, the height of this structure can be measured. Based on what I have searched when it comes to the way this structure looks, one must understand forces and loads, Vectors — which have a starting point, magnitude and direction — enable us to define those forces and loads. We can use trigonometric functions to work with vectors and compute loads and forces. For instance, we can also use sine and cosine functions to determine it’s vector’s components.

If we will look to the front of this structure the roof doesn’t look like that it’s diagonal . But if we are going to look on it’s side the roof was actually diagonal forming a triangle shape . The main purpose of it is to keep out the rain,cold,or heat and it was sloped to shed water . With this project I realize that trigonometry is important especially on building some structures , because without it — the six functions , an individual cannot calculate those distances and forces to make the structure accurate and safer .

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