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Trojan War and Troy Essay Sample

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Trojan War and Troy Essay Sample

Troy is an adaption of the poem written by Homer, also known as the Iliad. The screenplay was written by David Benioff and stars Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, Brian Cox, Diane Kruger, and Rose Byrne. It is a brilliant story of love and war produced in 2004. My reason for choosing this film is because of the controversy over what is myth and what is fact regarding the fall of Troy. I find the movie so majestic yet the timeframe of the Iliad was around 1250 B.C. when it doesn’t seem plausible that everything could be so miraculous.

The importance of this film is in regards to the city of Troy, the alliances of the Greeks, and the reasoning behind the war in itself. It was made to capture the imagination behind Homer and his poems. The actors were chosen and represented though his eyes, yet embellished a great deal for entertainment purposes. While it was enjoyable to watch, I found it somewhat inaccurate with questions unanswered. While there may also be evidence to support much of what Homer wrote about, the movie in itself creates a different illusion. The time, places, and people were either out of date or not even involved in some cases. However, the actors portrayed what Homer described perfectly. Achilles was strong and considered immortal, Hektor was the bravest and modest leader of Troy under the rule of Priam. Helen was extremely beautiful while Paris was naïve and weak. All of the characters involved had important roles whose actions were cause of many important events. However, if you relate back to Homer and back to what historians have discovered, the movie wasn’t an accurate representation.

Troy was made in 3 different regions for one, including Mexico, Morocco and Malta. The war actually lasted about 10 years not 17 days. Some of the props used were too early for the time in which this was supposed to take place. The coins that were to be placed on the eyes of a corpse weren’t invented yet. The style of ships and armor were also not invented yet. The columns that resided in Troy were actually Minoan, not Trojan. Even the weapons used were inaccurate because soldiers used spears, not swords. The entire city of Troy was also not as big as it was portrayed. It didn’t make sense to me that Troy was burned to the ground when the city was known for being made of stone.

Some other things were also off base like the story behind the gods and goddesses as well as the soldiers and kings. If you base it off of the myths of Greek gods and goddesses, much of the turmoil was caused because of their doing. They had a huge part in stirring up much of the war because of their influence. Also, Agamemnon couldn’t have united all of those Greek forces because Alexander the Great was the reason for much of those alliances. The relationship between families and also who-killed-who was also off in this film. Achilles died before the siege of Troy and it was in fact his own son who fought in the final war. Hektor didn’t kill Ajax in battle because Ajax committed suicide when he was denied the armor of Achilles by Greek commanders. Patroklos was not Achilles cousin but rather a friend and was also older. Briseis was neither a priestess nor cousin of Hektor and was not from Troy. Also the huge fight between Kektor and Achilles did not happen like the intense battle we saw. Hektor actually ran from Achilles and circled his own city three times before Athena made him face Achilles.

Again, much of what I saw in the film was inaccurate, but the plot behind it was true. Much of what happened was due to love, greed, grief and madness. However, it was the will of the Gods who controlled what happened. Homer’s story provides clues as to what happened to the city’s destruction, but the truth is far unknown. It might have been due to an earthquake in fact. The Trojan horse could have been a metaphor, as Poseidon being the God of seas and earthquakes was much associated with horses. The Greeks might not have even fought the Trojans at all. It has been found that the Hittites were also in Troy around 1200B.C. and have plausible reason to have fought Troy themselves. It is also reasonable to say the Sea People might have caused the destruction of Troy. Whether it was fought for greed, economic gain, glory or territory, it is not likely that it was fought over Helen, but maybe an injustice done to the king.

The movie was dramatic and used clearly for entertainment purposes, but if you relate back to historian texts and Greek mythology, it is evident that the time, places, and people involved were not accurate.

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