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Introduction of TOPIC

Mr. Smith always told Henry, “If you build your house far enough away from Trouble then trouble will never find you.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? What kinds of trouble do the characters get into? How do the characters get out of trouble or do they just learn to live with trouble? Use examples from the novel to support your thesis.

In the book Trouble, Henry’s dad said that if you build your house far enough away form trouble, then trouble will never find you. I think that this statement is very wrong. Trouble is really what we call something bad or unfortunate. Trouble is a natural occurrence in life that finds everybody. However, trouble can sometimes be avoided. Not doing things that could hurt other people and yourself are good ways to do this. Also, thinking before you act is another good way to avoid trouble. When trouble finds you, you have to have the courage to face your troubles by looking for solutions to them, or by learning to live with them when solutions cannot be found.

In the book Trouble, trouble happened to many people. It happened to Franklin when he broke his ankle and was said to never run again. Franklin was able to

get out of trouble by going for walks everyday so that he could build up strength until he was able

to run. Or when the truck that Louisa was driving hit Franklin and he died. Also, trouble happened a lot to Chay Chouan. It happened to him in the refugee camp when he had to eat smelly fish and grass, or when the soldier made him crawl on his hands and knees to check for landmines. The time that Chay and his family were on the escape boat and pirates came along and stole all of the refugee’s valuables was trouble. Chay dating Louisa was trouble, and Chay saying that he was driving the car that hit Franklin instead of Louisa made his troubles greater. Chay had to run away because it seemed like almost everyone hated him including his own parents. The fishermen that were in The Chowder Mug caused trouble for the boys. First, they tried to attack Chay outside The Mug. The boys ran away but the fishermen followed them.

Later, they found the boy’s camp, confronted them, and when the boys tried to stop them they shot Henry. Chay’s truck getting mistaken for a classic in the Millinocket Fourth of July parade was trouble. The truck’s engine overheated and broke down in the middle of the parade, which caused the parade to halt. Henry ran after Black Dog because she had jumped out of the truck and ran away during the parade. Sanborn and Chay had to push the truck along the parade route until they found an exit and they could get out of the parade. While Henry was chasing Black Dog, she ran through and knocked down some of the members of the Millinocket Junior High School Marching Band so the Band members started looking for Henry. Luckily, Henry saw them beginning their search so he hid in the nearest building which was actually a museum of Katahdin.

No matter how far you go to get away from trouble, trouble will be there. In life, trouble comes to everyone wherever they live. That is why we must learn to avoid trouble when we can and to cope with trouble when it finds us.

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