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Tuskegee Essay Sample

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Tuskegee Essay Sample

Dr. James Shelton I feel that the purpose of this article along with the visual alde of the movie we watched In class, the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment had been purposely obscured for over forty years, as the U. S. public health could not recognize that this study would horrifyingly portray this country as racist In Itself. To hinder one group of the U. S. opulation, to use these Innocent men as experiments was morbidly wrong and as the study progressed It was far to late to cease the study and they had to “save face” o be sure their reputation was redeemed. Much of the article depicts how the Government epically failed, stating that the U. S. Government did something that was deeply, profoundly, morally wrong.

During that time period the PHS (Public Health Service) favorably felt and did not accept media’s definition that this experiment was not as morbid as the Nazi Doctors on Jewish Victims during World War II, when in doubt this experiment provided falsifications to 400 men who were deceivingly told that this experiment would cure an illness that was due to their “bad blood”, and to ave doctors at that time state, they’ll have no further interest until these men die, this population suffered under the forced consent that eventually they will receive proper treatment unsure of how long it may take.

During the legacy of the Tuskegee study, in 1990, a survey revealed that 10% of African Americans believed that the U. S. government created AIDS as a plot to exterminate blacks, and another 20% could not rule out the possibility may be true, no matter the actualization in numbers, it’s the point that U. S. Government lied to nnocent human beings to believe that their population was the only population needed to complete this Tuskegee study and how unrightfully it’s reflected after many decades of oppression, believing that this was okay for the PHS to complete.

If It wasn’t for the personal apology from President Clinton to recognize the pain, hurt, and sorrow the remaining men living had to suffer through, I truly believe that society would keep silent and possibly without recognition, another tragic experiment could fraudulently succeed unannounced, despairing another population, again, based pon the racism that continues to occur In society even In present day.

I felt that Nurse Rivers may have been morally wrong, but at the same time, she was providing all hope that this experiment would benefit the African-American population, no knowingly the U. S. Governments decelvlng Intentions. I feel that If Nurse Rivers had been provided all of the Information from the very beginning, she would have chosen another occupation, rather than to carry on such a harmful study. This article states that Nurse Rivers involvement with these men, were strictly tensioned from Doctor’s Orders and strictly attained to determine whether the study varied from white men versus black men.

She consistently mentioned the cares when questioned about ethics of the study, which portrayed her as support along with the U. S. Government, with the best of her abilities whether she really knew what her involvement entailed. To have the ability to recognize shame and dishonorable actions not under your presidency, I feel that President Clinton’s apology broke the silence and spread equality and reputation to another level.

To be able to build trust in many of U. S. population groups, Clinton’s ability to take action to re-compensate to the very least, a group of men who at one time felt such despair and to finally regain respect as citizens, has reflect upon and taught me the importance of equality and unethically issues ignored will never be acceptable to “save face” for U. S. Government. As a Human Services professional, I must build trustworthy relationships, nothing should be obscured when it regards client service or care for this population in need, and everyone must be treated with unconditional respect and dignity.

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