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Nobody disagrees with the point that education plays an important role in a country’s improvement progress. We should admit that education is without frontier, but we should realize that educational systems are different from country to country, such as the educational systems in China and America. I was born in China and got my bachelor’s degree in my motherland, and I was lucky enough to have chance to study in America to get my master degree. In my point of view, there are two main differences between the educational systems in China and in America. The first difference in educational systems of these two countries is whether there is a fixed class or not. In China, we have fixed classes in every educational period, such as in middle school and university. It is easy for teacher to control students under this fixed-class system since the students are fixed in the classroom, teachers can easily know whether the student is in the classroom or not. In contrast to China’s educational system, UAS has the opened class which means students go to the different classes with their schedule. The classmates the students have in one class may change in another class.

It is benefit for students to do so that they can work with different students which can make the students more creative than the ones who are fixed in one class. Another difference in these two countries is that whether students are courage to ask questions even if teachers are teaching. In China, we encourage students to ask questions after class instead of in the class. We think it is impolite to disrupt the teacher when he is giving lesson in the class. What’s more, if someone interrupts the teacher, we may think that the student is wasting our time. Thus, we just ask questions after class or just go the teacher’s office. Unlike China, the students in USA are freely to ask questions even when the teacher are teaching some important points.

Americans hold the opinion it is the students’ right to ask questions during the class. In addition, the questions that are asked are the points that students can’t understand, it is easy for teacher to know where the students may get lost in class, thus teachers can give even better help in students’ study. These two different points, whether there are fixed class and whether students are encouraged to ask questions in class are the main dissimilar part of the educational systems in China and in USA. Either of these two systems has its own advantages and disadvantages. I can’t tell which one is much better, but which I am quite sure is that each country thinks highly of their education. Just as the saying goes,” education is without frontier.”

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