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Introduction of TOPIC

Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence. It was a fine windy day, with a glimpse of the smell of sourness of the weather.. I feel that something bad was going to happen, and it did. That day was the day that I will never be able to forget,my mother had told me that I have changed, in a bad way. My mother has influenced me in many ways. She taught me to change for the better and to never give up. Those are the two traits that make me who I am. I was like her little bird just hatched, and she would be a mother bird, always there for me and teach me many things. She told me that I have become rude, careless, and that I try to separate myself from the family. I did not realized that I had changed, but maybe I really did changed without knowing. If it wasn’t for her, telling me that I have changed, I might become a completely different person. So I decided to change. My mother had influence me in many ways, she taught me to never give up and taught me what is right and what is wrong. My mother had taught me to never giv

e up. It was on mid August when my AP Biology score has arrived. My hope was that I’d probably get

a 2 or if I’m lucky, probably a 3. I hurriedly tear the envelope out, and scroll my eyes down to the box where it says score.

At that moment, I literally feels like the world is crashing on little me. The tiny number with a font size of 12 writes 1. I totally freaked out. The first thing I thought about at that moment was, how am I supposed to tell this to my mother. She had told me to pass because the AP tests are expensive, and she did not want to waste money for nothing. Days passed, and I still don’t have the guts to tell her. Eventually, she found the letter and knew my score. The most amazing thing was that she did not scold me, or even show any disappointment. If I was her i’d be kind of dissapointed in my own daughter. She told me that it’s okay, she understands that this course is really hard. She even made funny jokes about it because she knew I was really sad. Because of her, I’m not the type of person to give up easily. I don’t want to disappoint her again. She influences me to be determinant.

My mom taught me what is right and what is wrong. She was like my teacher and a mother. She taught me what I should or should not do. She always keeps me in line and control me, so I don’t get too much freedom. Whenever I want things that aren’t nescessary, she would reject it. At first, I was mad at her, I wanted what my friends have too. But, then I realized that, she had taught me right. I have seen many of my friends are spoiled because of that. In conclusion, my mother had influenced me alot. She taught me to never give up and keep me in line. She doesn’t give me too much freedom, or else I’ll be spoiled. I am glad that she did not give me too much freedom. I am thankful for whatever she had influenced me. She taught me to be a good person.

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