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Types of bosses Essay Sample

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Types of bosses Essay Sample

When I started working a year ago, I was able to get along with different types of bosses. I got to know different personalities of people, from the rank-and-file to the managers. Some bosses are silent yet so strict while some are loud and frank yet tolerant.

The high-pitched boss loves screaming and he looks for opportunities to shout at others. He has a superiority complex, and believes that others are wrong. In the worst cases, they may shout at you in front of others which can be rather humiliating. They thrive on their employees’ fear of them to get the work done. Nothing is too much for them and they can have no pity on anyone if the work does not match up to their expectations. Yelling and belittling people is a habit for them. If you try to show that you are smarter than him by opposing him or getting into an argument with him, you perhaps risk your growth in the company. Dealing with such bosses is easy only if you are prepared to take verbal blows from him, but you should remember the words of Dalai Lama, he says: “Anger is the ultimate destroyer of your own peace of mind”.

When I dealt with this kind of boss, I repeated this quotation many times. On the other hand, we have other category, the “power-brandishing” boss. He takes great pride in waving his power and authority around, not just in office but sometimes also at home. A power-brandishing boss loves wearing the mask of a boss, and believes that bosses are the highest-regarded professionals in the world. He is overtly possessive of his post and always wants to give an impression that he is completely in control of the situation, even when in reality he is not. He is insecure, and too preoccupied with trying to always have things under his control.

At times, the employees may have committed mistakes, yet he pretends to have not seen them and says little of their mistakes. This type of boss gives significance to discipline. I want to share with you some pieces of advice: You can follow his rules, and create the illusion you’re doing things his way. Remember, he’ll never control your mind. You should make him feel that he is the big boss and you will be able to go about your duties undisturbed. Knowing what type your boss is, and understanding the best ways to deal with him or her, can help you anticipate issues, prevent problems, and keep you focused on your professional growth and well being.

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