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Introduction of TOPIC

A person portraying aggressive behaviour may fight with people when frustrated or speak in an abusive manner. Particularly this behaviour is often shown when a person is becoming frustrated with a certain situation. For example, a boy with Aspergers may be asked to read something aloud in front of his class, however due to his syndrome he does not feel comfortable in social situations. He may feel personally victimised and under pressure which may cause him to behave aggressively towards his teacher or his peers. He may refuse to do the task or be distracted while doing the task and then become violent within the classroom after. Another example is people with ADHD, as the simplest of issues can be a blown up infuriation for them. They are naturally aggressive and impulsive which makes it difficult for them to stay calm in every day frustrations. It is their neurochemical make up that causes them to behave this way as it is different to that of people without ADHD.

An example of a trigger for aggressive behaviour of an ADHD person would be if the person was concentrating on a television programme and they were interrupted by someone. They would tend to lash out or portray abusive language towards the person who interrupted them. Aggression can be triggered by frustration. If a child is unable to solve a maths problem at school then this may cause them to have a tantrum and they may fight with their peers or be violent. Also another cause/trigger of aggression could be if a child’s peer would not share a toy and this could trigger the child to behave violently and either lash out or throw objects in rejection of their peer. This could be challenging for a teacher to control, especially if that child has a condition which causes them to be particularly more frustrated than other children without conditions. Autism is a condition that often means a person portrays repetitive behaviour or set routines.

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