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Types of Racism Essay Sample

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Types of Racism Essay Sample

Racism is the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specitlc to that race, especially so as to dlsungulsh It as Inferior or superior to another race or races. we sat here as a class and debated whether we should have an Afrocentric school, and only a handful of people agreed. It Is become quiet unanimous that we as humans have come a far way of making Canada the multicultural country that It Is today. We try to omit segregation, and we try to teach our children that we are all the same.

Do me a avor; touch your nose, now look to your right, I’m sure you see a nose too. Now wiggle your fingertips and look to your left. Run a hand through your hair, and look over ata neighbor, we all have hair. Herbert George Wells, or better known as English Writer; H. G. Wells. said “Our true nationality is mankind. ” It doesn’t matter what you believe in. ho you prey to, or who you seek for guidance. It doesnt matter if you havent spoken to a Gd or don’t believe one exists. We all know that if we go back far enough, we are brothers and sisters.

There are three different types of Racism; Historical, Scientific and Institutional. Let’s examine the differences. Historical racism occurs when people are judged solely based on their decent or ancestry, and are seen as less human simply because of their origin and history. One example of Historical racism occurred In the 1930’s when Hitler came to power in Germany. He believed that the fair skinned Germans were the supreme torm ot the human race, and that the Jews were the opposite, fit tor only slavery or death.

Hitler eventually stripped the Jews of all their rights and forced them Into concentration camps where millions of Jews were killed. This horrific event, now referred to as the Holocaust was a direct result of the German race thinking It was superior to the Jewish race. Scientific Racism Is the use of a scientific method that is a claim, belief or practice that has no valid evidence and hypotheses to support the belief In racism, or racial superiority.

In the 19th century, American scientists tried to prove that Africans were of a different species then Caucasians. This was used to Justify slavery and deaths of multiple Africans To this day; there still exists scientific racism based on skin colour; owever, in modern science It has been proven that the difference between species is less than of human DNA. This means 99% of human DNA is equal in each individual.

Institutional racism occurs when political or social groups discriminate intentionally or indirectly to a group of people to limit their freedom and rights. For instance, in the 1950’s Rosa Parks was banned from sitting at the front of the bus because she was black. Another example, of institutional racism occurred 4 years ago, in New York City when Mr. Ricci and 18 other black men had their firefighter xams thrown out because none of them qualified for the position of lieutenant after at least a decade on the force.

Mr. Ricci, one Hispanic and 17 other white firefighters planned to sue the city for alleged racial dlscrlmlnatlon. Mainstream media promotes and often provokes stereotyping. “I’m German, so I must be a Nazi” “I’m Jewish, so I must be greedy. ” “I’m Jamaican, so I must smoke weed. ” I’m Arab, so I must be a terrorist. ” As Iwas doing research for this assignment I came across a racism video on Youtube. A black man sits on a stool with a mic. n front of what sounds like a was black. When I go to the sun, I am black.

When I am afraid, I am black. When I’m ill, I am black. When I die, I am black, in comparison to you my white friend. When you are born, you are pink. When you grew up, you are white. When you go to the sun, you will become red. When you are cold, you are blue. When you’re afraid, you are green. When you are ill you are yellow, when you die, you will be grey. How then can you call me a colorful person? ” He then rises and walks off the stage. I sat in awe for a few minutes at the irony of his words.

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