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Types Of State Schools Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Community Schools: are run by the local authority, which owns the land and buildings, employs the staff, decides which ‘admissions criteria’ to use. They look to develop strong links with the local community, sometimes offering use of their facilities and providing services like childcare and adult learning classes. Foundation and Trust schools: are run by their own governing body, which employs the staff and sets the admissions criteria. Land and buildings are usually owned by the governing body or a charitable foundation. A Trust School: is a type of foundation school which forms a charitable trust with an outside partner – for example, a business or educational charity – aiming to raise standards and explore new ways of working. The decision to become a Trust school is taken by the governing body, with parents having a say. Voluntary-Aided Schools: are mainly religious or ‘faith’ schools, although anyone can apply for a place.

As with foundation schools, the governing body, employs the staff sets the admissions criteria. School buildings and land are normally owned by a charitable foundation, often a religious organisation. The governing body contributes to building and maintenance costs. Voluntary-Controlled Schools: are similar to voluntary aided schools, but are run by the local authority. As with community schools, the local authority :employs the school’s staff, sets the admissions criteria and school land and buildings are normally owned by a charity, often a religious organisa

tion, which also appoints some of the members of the governing body. Specialist Schools: Though they

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follow the National Curriculum, they receive extra funding for providing one or more specialist subject. So, these schools focus on a particular subject area. Examples include sports, technology or visual arts. State Schools with Particular Characteristics: As with other state schools, admissions are coordinated by the local authority.

However, some may have different admission criteria or funding arrangements. Academies: are independently managed, all-ability schools. They are set up by sponsors from business, faith or voluntary groups in partnership with the Department for Education (DfE) and the local authority. Together they fund the land and buildings, with the government covering the running costs. City Technology Colleges: are independently managed, non-fee-paying schools in urban areas for pupils of all abilities aged 11 to 18. They are geared towards science, technology and the world of work, offering a range of vocational qualifications as well as GCSEs and A levels. Community and Foundation Special Schools: cater for children with specific special educational needs.

These may include physical disabilities or learning difficulties. Faith Schools: Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, – are mostly run in the same way as other state schools. However, their faith status may be reflected in their religious education curriculum, admissions criteria and staffing policies. Grammar Schools: select all or most of their pupils based on academic ability and these tend to be of single sex. Maintained Boarding Schools: There are a few state funded and maintained boarding schools, which offer free tuition, but charge fees for board and lodging, paid by parents.

Independent Schools
There are around 2,500 independent schools in the UK, which educate around 615,000 children (just over 7% of all British children, rising to around 18%. Independent School is sometimes referred to as a private school, public school or fee-paying school. The terms independent school and private school are often synonyms in popular usage outside the United Kingdom. Independent schools may have a religious affiliation, but the more precise usage of the term excludes parochial and other schools if there is a financial dependence upon, or governance subordinate to, outside organizations. These definitions generally apply equally to primary education, secondary education, and tertiary education institutions. Most of them are boarding schools, but some can be day schools. Some boarding schools may include day pupils weekly boarders.

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