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U.S. Health Care Systems Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Identify and evaluate three forces that have affected the development of the Health Care System in the US: The main domain of this research paper is Health Care System with its three elements such as the Health Insurance, Service Delivery, and its Quality. Health Care System is very vast, while Americans have one of the best medical systems on Earth (latest technology, insurance coverage and best trained medical officers) and they spend nearly US$3 trillion on healthcare every year. Health industry is a big business for investors and they are earning billions of dollars every year from the pockets of patients. The welfare concept has been changed and now the return on investment is being calculated. The main connection in this industry is disease. The investment on latest innovation to find out the causes of disease is a strategic thinking. Health sector is directly linked with insurance in many countries where millions of jobs are dependent on this Industry.

Speculate whether or not these forces will continue to affect the health care system in the U.S. over the next decade. Include another force that was not mentioned that you believe will impact the health care system of the nation. There would be streamlining and decentralization in this profession next decade. It will allow non-doctors to perform specialized duties and in the meantime freeing up doctors for the most vital aspects of healthcare. New discoveries as well as doctors themselves would be further specialized to find out the actual health problem in the medical complex. Specialization on the individual disease with genetic causes will be common in next decade (Hamel, G. & Prahalad & C.K).

Evaluate the importance of technology in health care. 21st century is considered the century of Technology. Technological growth in Health sector reflects the importance of this unique trend. The decision making on the basis of digital information is the ultimate change in this ever changing world. Now the world has changed and the digital revolution is the widely accepted revolution in the whole world. A new innovation with the digital operational capability is increasing day by day. This technology is a tool to make effective operations and better treatment of patients (Isbell & Charles 2009). Development of medicine is most important for the health sector. Hospitals cannot run without effective research department. This plan will be based on the multilateral way of technological based treatment (Connor & J. T. H 2007). Describe the historical development, current structure, and ways of conceptualizing the U.S. health care system. Medicare and Medicaid are the two main Medical and Health related services provide

rs in the Health Market. Medicare consists of four plans. These plans are divided according to their

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way of treatment.

These four plans such as Hospital insurance, Medical insurance, Medicare advantage plan and Drugs Coverage plan. Medicare advantage plan is based on multilateral plans such as A, B, and D. These are all related to the medication (Wall & Barbra Mann 2011). Medicaid is a special designed program for the lower per capita income families of the United States. This health program is funded by state and federal institutions to promote the health in the resource less families. This program is helpful for the permanent and legal residents of the America, including the adults having low income, their children and the disabled people. This is the largest medical and health related program for the limited income group in the America (Wall & Barbra Mann 2011). Medicaid plan is suitable for the entire communities of America. This is very flexible in its nature as compare to the Medicare program due to the participation of poor adults and their children as well (Wall & Barbra Mann 2011). Analyze the impact of technology on health care services, health care outcomes, and cost. Impacts of Health Care Technology on the Society are very important to calculate.

Advanced technology, improved sanitation, sports ground and clean environment can bring the change in health sector and it can lead the prosperity in the society. Health sector is directly linked with the precious thing which is the life. Skilled professionals can save the many lives during their career. It is very easy to hire the quality staff but it is very difficult to retain the qualified staff with the enthusiasm of good work. It is general opinion that our bureaucratic and clerical setup of the health system has failed. E-Monitoring system in health sector will improve the quality of the health in future. To promote the health care structure in the future, the purchase of latest Information technology, equipment’s and Health Care Software are very important to provide the best services to the patients (Wall & Barbra Mann 2011). There is also a criticism on the Health department that the people are not satisfied with performance of the medical staff in the government hospitals and they are treating them like animals.

But my opinion is different that this staff needs refreshing courses with motivation and standardized salary package while, any new recruitment should be on merit (Hamel & Prahalad 1989). Use technology and information resources to research issues in health services organization. To promote the health care industry through advancement of technology and bringing the quality professionals and researchers are helpful to solve the health issues. The health care market is to be more accountable to local administration. The welfare objective is the soul of this holy profession. The carbon pollution is very dangerous for health and for the natural environment as well. Various infectious diseases came into being due to the industrial poor evaporation material. Health related issues are increasing day by day. Latest research is showing the unique type of infections. This is the need of the hour to clean our planet for future generations. Usage of clean energy is the long term solution to deal with health issues. Vision is to promote the health system that should be equitable & effective to ensure the care of concerned persons with devotion. It should be accessible & affordable health services at the door steps of the poor people. It will make the communities at local level for the awareness of health issues and preventions measures.


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