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U.S. Imperialism Essay Sample

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U.S. Imperialism Essay Sample

1. Who was Alfred Thayer Mahan (http://www.smplanet.com/imperialism/letter.html) ? What did he recommend with regard to the U.S. military? He was a leading expansionist who believed that America’s survival depended on a strong Navy. He wrote that it was time for America to “turn their eyes outward, instead of inward only, to seek the welfare of the country.” 2. What is a shogunate? What is a daimyo?

a daimyo is a samurai, and a shogunate is a Japanese government leader. 3. What cultural difference(s) hindered relations between Japan and the United States?
4. Why was Hawaii (http://www.smplanet.com/imperialism/hawaii.html) important in US expansionism? The Hawaiian islands lie close to the American mainlands. It also offered an atrractive natural base at Pearl Harbor (and to maintain a coaling and repair system) 5. In the 1884 Treaty (http://www.hawaii-nation.org/treaty1884.html) between the United States and Hawaii, the word “sovereignty” is mentioned. What is sovereignty? Why would sovereignty be a concern for the people of Hawaii? Sovereignty is when one has more power over another. Sovereignty is important to the Hawaiians because it brings them comfort that the Americans are not controlling them, but just using their land. 6. Who was Captain Sigsbee (http://www.smplanet.com/imperialism/remember.html) ? What does he say happened to the Maine? He was the captain of the Maine, He was listening to the bugle sound, when all the sudden there was a loud explosion followed by metal clanking sounds. 7. What areas did the U.S. gain control of after the Spanish-American War


Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philipines 8. Why were Filipinos surprised when the U.S. took military control of their lands? Since they also had been fighting for independence like Cuba, so they expecting the Americans to support them in their fight. 9. Explain the Boxer Rebellion (http://www.smplanet.com/imperialism/fists.html) .

10. Who was John Hay (http://www.smplanet.com/imperialism/fists.html) ? What is the policy that John Hay calls for in China? John Hay was the secretary of state. He suggested a Open Door policy in China, that would guaruntee equal trading rights in China. 11. Who and/or what is Theodore Roosevelt (http://www.smplanet.com/imperialism/joining.html) referring to when he says, “We were dealing with a government of irresponsible bandits”. The Columbians, who controlled Panama. 12. What deadly disease cost many workers their lives before Dr. William Gorgas found a treatment?

Yellow Fever, which was caused by mosquitoes. 13. What was the African saying that Theodore Roosevelt often used? How do you think it applies to the issues of expansionism and imperialism? “Speak softly and carry a big stick. You will go far.” This means that if you give people a chance to think they are in control but have the weapons to prove otherwise, it will be easy to take over something. 14. How many times did the U.S. send troops (http://www.smplanet.com/imperialism/teddy.html) to Latin America between the eve of the Spanish-American and the dawn of the Great Depression? Thirty two times

15. What two pieces of political philosophy did the U.S. use to justify intervention? The Roosevelt Corollary
16. What can both a well governed country and a poorly organized country expect from the United Stated according to Teddy Roosevelt? That the U.S will intervene if they get out of hand because they are a strong country. 17. Who do you think decides if a nation is well governed or poorly governed? Who should decide this? The people should decide, but the person who is doing the governing decides 18. What was the name of the policy of economic expansion (http://www.smplanet.com/imperialism/teddy.html) which was introduced by President William Howard Taft?

Diplomacy was used to advance and protect American businesses in other countries.
19. Name the two individuals that worked with fifty-seven followers to
conquer Nicaragua.
William Walker, with the help of Cornelius Vanderbilt
20. Who and what was the “Yellow Press”


and how did they/it contribute to U.S. expansion? The Yellow Press was a style of newspaper reportings that make the writer’s views dramatically known. From the outrageous lies of the Yellow Press, Spain was pushed into starting the war. 21. How many soldiers died from actual combat in Panama (http://www.healthsystem.virginia.edu/internet/library/wdc-lib/historical/medical_history/yellow_fever/) ? How many died from disease?

22. What were the two most popular names of the disease that killed these soldiers?
23. How did the Twenty-fourth Infantry, an African-American regiment, assist the U.S. efforts in Panama? What was the ridiculous initial notion (and one of the reasons for sending the twenty-fourth) that was proven a fallacy after over one-third of these men died?

24. Considering what your text says about expansionism and imperialism, and what you now know from information presented in this Web Quest, what is your stance on U.S. involvement as a “super-power, peace-keeper”? I think that we might be in a little over our heads. With our economy going on, we can not even pay our debters back a penny, and yet we are still acting as a superhero. I think that there is a time and place for everything, and right now is not it. We need money first. 25. Think about U.S. involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Do you feel the U.S. is “making the world a better place” as supporters of imperialism would argue? Why or Why not?

Yes. We are trying to help make peace in a country that there is currently no peace whatsoever. Though, as I said above, I think that there is a time and place for being the peacekeepers, and when you are highly in debt is not the time.

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