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Umbrella revolution have been started for 35 days. Untill now, students and other citizens are staying in Mong Kok and Admiralty in order to put presseure on the government and demand for universal suffrage with three nominees selected by the citizens. However, some may say that the way we protest is wrong and illegal which is destroying the order in Hong Kong while what makes Hong Kong attractive is its order. Then, we must think about the initial motive of laws. Laws itself is making according to justice or some moral standards, like untilitarianism. After the enforcing of the laws, the judge can only judge a person by laws but not by moral regulations. The regulations of the laws are prior to the behaviour. That is why people have to be abide by the laws. What here means is that in spite of the laws that is made according to the justice, we have to resort to laws as they are regulations but not justice.

However, if the laws itself is injustice, we have to correct it. Like universal suffrage, universal suffrage means all voters can decided who to be their government. However, under what China government said, universal suffrage in Hong Kong means all voters can decided who to be their government which is actually chosen by the China. This indeed change the meaning of universal suffrage itself. That is why we have to come out to change it. Many said that universal suffrage is useless and may lead to social unrest as we cannot ensure the one we voted for is the one we want or we cannot be sure that the one voted must be a good government.

There may be situation that a good nominee cannot stand out from the election because that nominees knows little about the way attracting citizens to vote him while the other one who win in the election only know the way that enable him to win in the election but not how to manage a city. So, citizens may not benefit from the election. However, I do not deem universal suffrage as a way to have a best government that its policies echo to what the citizens needed. Rather, I see it as a tool to prevent having a bad government with minimum cost that we can choose our government after 4 years and i think this is the initial motive of universal suffrage. It likes utilitarianism.

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