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Legal drinking age is the age at which a person can consume or purchase alcoholic food or alcoholic beverages. These laws cover a wide range of specified, addressing when and where alcohol can be consumed in the U.S. Federal law establishes 21 as the national minimum drinking age. Underage drinking is also governed by state laws, which are different in most state. In some states, it is a civil offense and in some other states it is a criminal offense. As of 2005, 21 states do not specifically ban underage consumption and an additional 15 states have, if family member is located there is exceptions to their underage consumption laws.

Underage drinking are significant public health and many other problems. In the untied states, 5,000 people under age of 21 die each year from alcohol related for instance by car crash, suicide, alcohol poisoning and many more other injuries like fall, accident burn. Also the number of serious injuries are very large, more than 190,000 people under the age of 21 visit the emergency room just by alcohol related injuries.

Now a day mostly under age drinking at college has become a routine that students often see as an integral part of their higher education expense. Not only that under age is now largely widespread. In 2009, about 10.4 million young people between ages 12 and 20 drank more than “just a few sips” of alcohol. Thus, when they get older by the age of 15 they at least know what alcohol test like and had it more than one time. By the age 18 at least 70 % had alcohol. Usually when under age kids get the opportunity to consume alcohol they do more than what a regular adult drink.


Researches have indicated many reasons why young folks drink while they were under 21 years old. Our group investigates how some of the reasons contribute to underage drinking. And also we consider that most underage consume a bit alcohol. Some of the causes that we discuss were lack of parental guidance, peer pressure and stress.

Primary Research Method

Our Primary research was center on sixteen-questions with each member doing minimum of twenty and peoples survey. We discussed and decided to ask 10 of them by interviewing and the other ten by just letting them fill the survey question by them self. Which most of the people filled it honestly. And also we made the questions more fun and interesting so that we can get honest and true feedback. The survey questions we come up with are mainly focused on the hypotheses. First, if lack of parental guidance is one of the reasons why underage drinking is in large. Second if its peer pressure that most peoples are influenced to start or even try alcohol. Thread, despite many up and downs that life takes through, we focus if stress is one the main reasons for underage drinking.

Starting the research, we had some criteria to perform. Before intervening either doing the survey we used a strategy to find more accurate feedback. We made sure the person who will be part of our research had to be under the age of 21 because, that is the minimum age that a person is accessible to alcohol in the United States. At first the plan was doing the survey only at Bunker Hill Community College. However it was little hard to find underage besides convincing them to do the survey and interview made it more challenging Because of that we decided to ask and interview any underage. Two members including I had a chance to interview some high school students as well as we made two other collage students fill out our survey.

In the primary research more than 100 peoples where involved doing the survey and interview. Which are all under the age of 21. More than half of our participant is college enrolled, some were a high school students and the other involved on the research where school drop out however are current workers. Then all the results acquired by our questionnaires were collected and then changed to a paragraph to analysis and show the results. Data and analysis

After collecting and organizing we evaluated our data since our survey and interview focused on the hypotheses it was obvious that found reliable and accurate information. The purpose of this was to find out that that if luck of parental guidance is mainly people drink while underage. As stated above on our survey and interview shows more than 50 % consumed alcohol. Because several reasons.

Figure 1

Underage drinking now day have been a routine for most adult miners. Our research shows that there are numerous amount of underage that consumes alcohol because of luck of parental guidance. (See figure 1) luck of parental guidance could be not discussing the harm of using alcohol. And also if a family member drinkers, that would be a big influence. However depending on our survey if parents guides their children there will be a big difference on the numbers.

Figure 2
This data shows how many underage drinks because of peer pressure. According to our research (see figure 2) 82% where influenced by peer to drink alcohol. According to our survey and interview

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