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Understand How To Handle Information In Social Care Settings Essay Sample


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Introduction of TOPIC

That all records are kept in a secure place, locked and confidentiality is maintained throughout. This can be done via a several ways: locked with a lock and key, kept in the individuals’ room, ensuring someone is always in the room where records are kept (if not, locked). If an outside part wanted to view an individuals’ care plan or any information regarding themselves, they should always give consent where possible. If it is not possible to gain the consent of the individual then it should only be shared if it would be deemed to be in the best interest of the individual. Under no circumstances should information be

shared if it will not be beneficial to the individual using your service. When writing records they

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should be factual as opposed to opinions. You should only give opinions if you know the persons traits and could possibly indicate something that the individual is not saying. All records should be clear and easy to read. Care plans, if written, handwriting should be clear and legible and accurate. Information must be relevant and adequate, not exaggerated but based on evidence.

If someone comes into the company then they will get an induction pack and within the induction pack it will have information on how to handle information. This will include once reading the information you should lock the information away securely. If you are passing on sensitive information via email then it should have a password encrypting the file. The office will display a poster that has the 8 points in regards to data protection. This is a constant reminder to staff of what is expected when handling information. If someone is to read a piece of sensitive then it is also good to have them sign once they have read it. You could also have an informal discussion with someone when you see that they have done something.

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