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Understanding Eskimo Science Essay Sample

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Understanding Eskimo Science Essay Sample

            The Eskimos are the most effective group of human whom you can learn how to survive life from the most impossible place to the most possible way. As it was explained through the article, they live in the part of the earth were the environment is almost unbearably cold and food is almost impossible to have.

Their cleverness and strong senses caused them to survive their environment and provide everything they need from food to clothes as well as shelter. Their living is directly subjected to animal hunting because there is scarce life of plant or fruit bearing tree in their environment. These group of people are considered as someone as intellect as the scientist because hey both acquire knowledge through the same empirical procedure. The cycle of their daily life are based on their nature’s state; they can tell weather by means of observing the animal’s reaction towards the sky and saving themselves from wild animals such as polar bears can be done through their observation’s conclusion that polar bears have a stronger sense and strength on their left arm and therefore going to the left side of the bear when the bear tries to scratch or attack would be an effective way of avoiding from It (Nelson).


The knowledge that Eskimos acquire through their lifespan is their effective mechanism to survive life in the midst of snow. Their life as a forager is said to be an innovated way because even if they do not have the other resources to provide all of what they need, their cleverness towards doing remedy by using their ability helps them to live completely.

Work Cited

Nelson, Richard “Understanding Eskimo Science” (1993). 25 October 2007


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