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Understanding the Impacts of Education on Any Individuals Essay Sample

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Understanding the Impacts of Education on Any Individuals Essay Sample

No human beings are able to survive properly without education. Education is the one who tells men how to think, how to work suitably and how to make decisions. It also considered as one of the basic needs like food, clothe, and shelter. Education is mostly taught in schools and they are responsible of doing so much more than teaching students basic skills and academic subjects. They are capable of teaching a variety of things a book. For example, they may teach a student how to drive, draw and paint pictures, compose music, speak another language or even help you meet various kinds of people. Education opens up a whole lot of opportunities for students to which can help them explore their interest and possibly their future profession. Thus, education is vital to life of each and every person for they are capable of pioneering possibilities beyond the book.

To find out the impact of education on any individuality, one must learn to understand the basic knowledge of the real definition, purpose, history and importance of education. During the Age of Discovery, the first groups of Europeans came in to contact with the Native Americans to which both engaged in cultural exchange. In their encounter, the two separate worlds both shared their beliefs and values to which was altered unequally. It was evident that the European’s values and traditions became dominant as the conquest and confrontation continues. (Urban & Wagoner 1). Europeans traditions influenced us in many ways and one would be our educational system. As John Amos Comenius (1592-1670), a Czech theologian and philosopher, suggested the thought of education could improve society. With that in mind, he advocated universal textbooks & language. He also believes that children would enjoy learning more if they were systematically taught in the early years. Comenius ideas laid the groundwork for some of American school systems such as nursery schools, elementary school, high school and colleges.

Although, the Europeans contributed a great big deal in the American school system, it does not necessarily mean that they did not receive any other influences in other countries: “Many current American educational practices can be traced to European roots. This by no means suggests that educational ideas developed in Asia, Africa, the Pacific Island Region and among the indigenous American peoples are less worthy; it simply attest to the importance attached to education by population who came North America from Europe and to their success in transplanting many European educational ideas to North America” (Armstrong, Henson & Savage). The information provided proved the point that although, European ideas impacted the American school system more it does not mean that they worth any less or they did not help at all into shaping to what we come to know our American Education. Many experts believe that education is a series of processes derive from a book or procedure that involves a “correct method” to which a student should be exposed to.

This could involve having students learn methods without critically thinking through it and determine how it can be applied without those certain steps. Education is none of those things because in truth, it is an ongoing process which carries on both inside a classroom and outside world and environment of a student (Rhodes). Although, society and a variety of people have different definition of education it is irrefutable to say that education does not only revolves around the school it could be everywhere.Growing up, we have been told and believed that acquiring education will lead us to a successful future, but each and every ones path differs from each other from how they will tackle it to how would they start it (Jones).

Although, mostly everyone can relate to that it does not mean that the purpose of education will be tied down to one. As Jones clearly stated that education does not have a single purpose it serves multiple objectives and the relative importance of each of these objectives can be very personal. Thus, proves the importance of education. The importance of education may vary from people to people, and whatever they may be they involves education. Nicholas Negroponte a professor and visionary scholar from Massachusetts Institution Technology agrees: “No matter what global problem you are dreading, whether it’s the elimination of poverty, whether it’s the creation of peace, whether it’s solving environmental energy problems, the solution-whatever it is multiple solutions, the solutions always include education, never is it without an education component and sometimes cannot be done without education.” Negroponte proved that education is a vital gain to have he proved this by stressing the idea of education being effectively used in anything.

Education plays a huge vital role in this society and places a great impact to individuals. Parents and teachers also play a significant role over a child’s education. It is never a bad for both teachers and parents to inspire children to try their hardest. It is in the best interest to teach children to persevere not give up too quickly. It is also good to occasionally push them a step further rather not to push them at all. Most importantly, parents and teachers must also accept the abilities that a child can set forth (Murray 6). As teachers, they not only teaches students they also learn from them: “Students learn differently as teachers than they do as students. One obvious change resulting from the role reversal is that teaching students take significant responsibility for their own learning. This harks back to ideas about expertise, because characterized by their willingness to seek challenges and their ability to set their own learning goals” (Elemedorf 45).

This information proves the point that even though both the teacher and the students are learning the same thing they still differ in what they get out of it or how they perceive it to be Such as for teachers, learning differently from students would mean pursuing challenges and establishing their learning target. It could also involve about gaining knowledge through teaching. Teaching can also be seen as another way for one to gather substantial amount of knowledge of any specific subject. Through teaching, one must collect information and organize a lesson plan for others. Thus, explains that as one is doing their research for a subject matter they also simultaneously learn new things and explore more about the subject. One can also accomplish things; through teaching one re-learns the basic concepts in which can provide one with a more in depth meaning or interpretation of the matter. In contrast, of a depthless understanding of the matter. It is to say that, with a deep understanding of the basics people are constructing a valuable knowledge on the current society (Elemendorf 48).

After Going back to look at the roots of American education gives us many insights and ideas of how the current school systems came about and now it is time for us to define what it really represents or means. In general, education is defined as a process of acquiring knowledge to which can enhance and broaden the mental capacity of a person (Rhodes). Even though, some people describe it differently it still falls on the same context that it is a process of gaining knowledge. Many experts think that there is a correct method of which a student should be taught whether it includes group work or taking tests etc.

Even though those methods are surely effective it does not necessarily define what education really is. Understanding the real definition, purpose and importance of education one are able to distinguish the challenges that the education are currently facing. Historically, education has alternated between the advancement of learning for its personal sake and training for specific careers. Though, it is quite evident that most people learn and train for specific careers more than for their own sake. In Nate McClellan’s article What does society really want from a 21st education, he claims: “Because education is geared to the current job market, it makes sense to focus only upon teaching subjects necessary to ones aspired career. In almost every other nation, general knowledge is forsaken for skills that prepare students for future careers. While widespread change has created this specialized philosophy, the traditional opposition, ironically, rests upon the effects of change.”

McClellan clearly showed that most people are more likely to learn only necessary subjects without trying to go beyond of the knowledge outside of their sought careers. Economic Poverty is also one of the challenges that education are facing. Due to poverty, a lot of students suffer the consequences of not being able to attend school and learn all the basic knowledge they need. For some, their families are living by paycheck to paycheck and so makes them to be ineligible to afford to send their kids to school. Although, some students struggles to attend school there are some student who chooses not to go to school. It is no surprise that many teachers report that a large number of students seem to be unconcerned of what goes around in school. Some students also questions the educational programs offered in schools for they think it hold no purpose or value for their future as adults. Selling and developing worthwhile educational programs to students is certainly one of the top priorities of concern educators (Armstrong, Henson & Savage 9). Most school systems bear the resources that would later need in the future and the adult world.

There are students who have neither possesses interest or the capability of academic track, every now and then there are some who drops out have trouble in acquiring a high school diploma but the real culprit is the idea of not going to college makes you a failure. Most of high school students are work bound. Resources are not only enforced by colleges or universities they are everywhere. These concerns can put forward irresponsible trends in modern education. The failing of the rigorous and continuous assessment of the student’s capability and understanding is very evident till this day. Insisting that students must meet certain requirements and standards that was decided without the concern to their academic ability is what one can regard as wrong and unfair to some children who does not meet those requirements. Thus, is leaves some school to leave some of the children behind.

It does not mean that the school chose to leave them but rather each and every student is capable of learning as much as they could but sadly, there are still some who cannot perform at their grade level (Murray 46). With all the problems that education is facing, the public confidences are starting to steadily drop. Today, it is believed by many experts that the public confidence in education is lower than it was years ago. It was order to put the public confidence back on track necessary changes must be done. Personal attention to students is one of them. Schools should provide a close and personal attention to their entire student; this would often lead to an increase of the student’s performance levels. An accepting and supporting environment can also create a well-rounded group of student with teachers who are confident as professionals teach children. With this in mind, In an effective schools, teachers should try to deal the student’s learning difficulties before it gets worse (Armstrong, Henson & Savage 6).

In order for a problem to be solved, it must first be identified. There are a lot of challenges that the current school system is currently facing. First, experts in the educational field pointed put a lot of important issues that even to this day educators, parents and students try to tackle. Second,many believed that schools are not performing as commendable as they should be and a lot of reflection has been done to resolve this growing problem. Third, the increased of learner population from different background, ethnic, racial etc. that are enrolled in school; to which cause teachers to fail to recognize their needs and keep up with the ever changing pace of the learner population. Lastly, restoring the public confidence; it will evidently be a challenge but it is not impossible (Armstrong, Henson and Savage 6-10). These are just one of the few things that make up the irresponsible trends that the modern education has right now. The failing of the rigorous and continuous assessment of the student’s capability and understanding is very evident till this day.

Insisting that students must meet certain requirement and standards to which was decide without the concern of their academic ability is what one can regard as wrong and unfair to some children who doesn’t meet those requirements. This, this leads some school to leave some of the children behind, It doesn’t not mean that the school chose to leave them but rather, each and every students is capable of learning as much as they could but sadly there are still some who can’t perform at their grade level. It could also be due to the fact that in every school system, ones flaws will be known in a shameful way publicly. Everyone have to deal with that kind of environment until they leave school. You cannot avoid it entirely for a reason that it is just the nature of it. Everyone goes through that process and it is a normal phenomenal. Also, school can try and prevent it from getting worse (Murray 46). It may not be avoided but there are some certain things that the school can do about it such as school effort: “Developing teacher’s instructional competencies will require a school-wide effort. Administrators and teachers who work together to create certain conditions throughout a school can significantly increase the like hood that high quality learning strategy instructions is provided” (Lenz 10).

This information shows that working together as a whole school will create change. Although, it is minimal it is still meaningful for which teachers and administrators work hard for the student’s sake.

All in all, the broad meaning, importance and essential of education lie on every one’s desire and drive. Education has a broad meaning to which can be considered as an extension of everything.Although, it does not necessarily mean that everything revolves around education and that who did not receive proper education would mean they are insignificant. It just shows the vital leading role that it plays in an individual’s life and it society. They are not meant to seclude people nor give more emphasis on the important ones. They serve as a living proof, to prove its significance. Also, as it was proven by many experts, it is something that you get not only in school but also in the outside world and environment that most students do not apply it with. Education is one of the basic needs that man needs in order to live their life properly. It is also something people had already learned to live without. Since, it is something that impactsthem in every way possible every day. It is a part of life.

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