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Undesirable Life Events Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

1. In your own words, state the general hypothesis tested in the study. The general hypothesis was “women would be most vulnerable to crises in their interpersonal networks and men most reactive to financial or work-related difficulties.” (Journal of Health & Social Behavior, 1993, p. 75) 2. In the hypothesis, underline the dependent variable and circle the independent variable (or its categories). The dependent variables: life events

The independent variables: Males & Females
3. Is this study an example of qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods research? Explain your answer. In this particular example, I feel that mixed methods were used for the research. The qualitative aspect is due to t

he feelings examined in the two independent variables where a person must explain what they feel and

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an educated person (psychologist/psychiatrist) must label these feeling into the categories that history has created for those feelings. The quantitative aspect is due to the number of couples examined and the facts given about the number of feelings expressed by each couple. 4. Summarize the findings of the study in your own words.

In this study, the results were supportive of women showing more distress inside their network but less than that of the males in terms of work-related events. It also supported that both males and females showed a fairly even amount of reactions to emotional distress from family events compared to friends and other social associations. 5. How well do you think the results from this sample generalize to all married couples? Why? As there is such a large number of couples throughout the United States and such a vast array of cultural differences, I believe that further evaluations should take place world-wide.

Conger, R. D., Lorenz, F. O., Elder Jr., G. H., Simons, R. L., & Xiaojia, G. (1993). Husband and Wife Differences in Response to Undesirable Life Events. Journal Of Health & Social Behavior, 34(1), 71-88.

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