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Coming into college I was a bit nervous for the courses that I would be taking, I didn’t know if I was ready as far as my level of education to take on so many credit hours. I’ve heard so many stories on how in high school you think that you are a good writer but once you get into college that’s a different story. Honestly, that made me really nervous, because in high school I was one of the best writers on our 2008-2009 Yearbook and Newspaper; so I prayed that would carry over into college as well. In orientation I signed up for WISE, not knowing what it really was, all I knew was that it was a program that would help you challenge yourself critically, and help you maintain a scholarly style of writing. So, I jumped to the opportunity to be in it, because if I got in WISE I knew my writing would only have the chances to get better rather than worse.

In College Comp 1 there were many assignments that caused me to think critically before I began writing, we learned many different styles on how to pre-write, along with the Rhetorical Situation (SPA: Subject, Purpose, Audience), and how to write effectively. In knowing those forms of learning I can truly say that my writing never went into a down fall this semester, I could only improve my writing with that knowledge. Using those forms of information towards my writing helped me tremendously, the expectations I had prior coming into the WISE program were met more than expected.

I set goals for myself in regards to my writing before I came into college, they were that I wouldn’t get offended when I was criticized towards my writing, I would do what was needed to make my writing better than in high school, and that I will use the techniques in every writing assignment that I had. What I aimed for this class as far as my goals I do believe that I stuck to my goals and didn’t stray from them. I knew that I wanted to better myself as far as writing and my techniques, and I have stuck to that goal and even went further. In setting goals for myself I do believe that it gave me a chance to do what was expected of me as far as my goals went.

With writing skills I do believe that I have maintained the same writing style, but I have used a broader vocabulary in most of my writing. In class we would do in class writings, which required my classmates and me to show the form of writing that we were use to. Professor Peterson would have us do those writings, then give us feed back; and we would have open class discussions about the in class writings. At first I wasn’t comfortable in discussing my writing because I didn’t think I was a strong writer, but she changed my train of thought by the end of the semester.

The class also made use cognitive and analytical skills; I think this was the hardest thing for me to do. I use to like to just think about the obvious things when it came to writing, but Professor Peterson expressed to us on the first day of class that she would change that soon. She would use examples that my peers and I could relate to; in order for us to think critically and get a perception from my partner. The Arti”factual” interview caused for me to ask questions then gather information from my partner to actually put the interview together. My critical thinking skills were also stretched when we had to put together a cultural analysis paper. That was one assignment where I felt as though the end of the world was near. I don’t think I’ve ever thought critically so much a day in my life, I guess that’s the price you may to better yourself in education. But in the end I felt as though that was one of my strongest papers in College Comp 1.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to think of life has having regrets; personally in my opinion life is too short for regrets. With all of the assignments that I’ve had this semester in 105WS-08 I feel that I put my all into each assignment and received the grades that reflected that. To have progress in your writing I feel as though as you have to taken every experience with full force, and that’s what I did this semester. IO won’t change any of the assignments that I’ve submitted, I’ve learned from each of them; I just wish I would’ve had more confidence in my writing prior to becoming a WISE student. There were times when I felt like this hard work had to be against the law, but hard work pays off in the end; which I pray my GPA reflects.

In the course I have gained more confidence in the writing that I have done in the past and the work that I do today. The writing techniques,
learning styles, Professor Peterson’s hard work and dedication towards her students have given me boost confidence in my work in every class, along with my improvement in my writing. I know for a fact that the WISE experience that I have experienced in the first semester of my entire college career will only take me further in my journey towards my education. Times may get hard down the road when it comes with my writing, but I can only take it full force and give it my all. This semester has been an unforgettable learning experience for me.

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